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Akriti Kakar supports Abhyuday

Abhyuday, the social body of IIT Bombay had the 5 th edition of annual socialfestival, “Concert for a cause” a fundraiser with  songbird ‘Akriti Kakar’. It was held recently at convocation hall to help NGO ‘Swaradhar’.The event started by introducing ‘Abhyuday’ and ‘concertfor cause’. Additionally, it also gave a compact disc about NGO ‘Swaradhar'thensubsequently the Swaradhar artists (people who were physically challenged) sang ditty and played variousinstruments like Tabla, Xylophone, violin, Trumpet,Tambourine, drums, etc. Moreover, the sweet-toned singer‘Akriti kakar’ sung her bollywood songs with the Swaradhar’s artists accompanying her by playing different instruments , it was a heart touching performance for audience.

Abhyuday was started 5 years back with a bloc of student who desire to work for society. They also conduct campaigns and events like conferences,donations drives, exhibition and provide social fellowship, internship
opportunities to the students of institute. It held a ‘Social Fest’ that celebrates the spirit of ‘social good. It takes initiative and responsibility towards the positive development of the society. It’s main aim is to work along with the youths to solve world’s social problem and to create a good impact on the local communities.

It presented a festival based on thetheme “Enabling Humanity with human Rights”. Thefestival included various heart touching events, exhibitions,lectures, workshops and competition to with youths towards the society and to create awareness about basic human rights.‘Ketto’ is playing a crucial role in helping this physically challenged artists by providing funds gathered from various people or organization, as it is India’s largest fundraising
platform. It made online funds donations easy and safe. It was founded in October, 2012 by ‘Varun Sheth’ co-founder and CEO of ‘Ketto’ and ‘Kunal Kapoor’ co-founder NGO ‘ Swaradhar’ bestow podium for various people
singing on footpaths, local trains, railway platform most ofthem are physically challenged, who are considered as
‘tramps’ and are not given appropriate place in the society. It’s prime mover and head Ms. Hemlata Mahendra
Tiwari, had been a dilating family of street musicians who earns for daily needs by singing songs in their canorous
voices at public places. Those are deft musicians who never got a platform to present their talents but, swaradhar has created a ray of hope in their minds. Swaradhar’, ‘Ketto’ , team ‘Abhyuday IIT Bombay’ and ‘Akriti Kakar’ galvanize these skilled unsung heroes of the society and making them recognize their ‘Dignity of hardwork’. The execution of this concert was done by team Abhyuday 2017-2018 and 2016-2017.
The funds provided to them will go in betterment and will ameliorate the present financial status of the untold
artists. With the help of funds collected they can revamp more such lives and give the platform to many such skilfulunsung heroes.
“The purpose of life is not to be happy but to be useful,honorable and to be compassionate to have it make some
difference that you lived and lived well. Please support these unsung heroes who are unrecognized by our society
and if possible please donate for them through ‘Ketto’. More we lend our hand towards these artistic heroes, more dignity they will get in the society said by, Manager Vivek bansod and team Abhyuday IIT Bombay, 2017-2018”.

Please visit this link to help in raising funds and knowmore about the cause.
by Prachi Dubale.



Hard Rock Cafe1

Located in a former mill, the Mumbai outpost of the US chain of resto-bars has a mixed reputation among the city's musicians. In the first couple of years after opening, in 2006, indie rock acts were often asked to include a stipulated number of cover songs in their set lists. These days, Hard Rock Café, which hosts gigs every Tuesday and Thursday night, sticks mostly to cover bands, with a couple of dates a month spared for indie groups. Skip these gigs, and come here only for the ticketed events, when one of the seating areas is cleared to make room for a larger stage, for performances by Indian indie icons (folk-fusion veterans Indian Ocean, electro-rock superstars Pentagram), international chart toppers (Wyclef Jean, Jay Sean) or club-packing DJs (Bob Sinclair, Paul van Dyk). Be warned, though: the waiters break into a synchronised jig every time the Village People's "YMCA" comes on.

Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, + 91 22 2438 2888, Open daily noon-1.30am. Performance times and entrance fees vary