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Have you ever walked up in the air,
Felt your body isn’t there
Want to go into space?
Till you must of last your face
Move into a world
you can call your own
Come on follow me
Pop a few pills of L.S.D.
You’ll get there faster than the speed of light,
no you’ll never get there on an airplane flight
A place where lights all flash around,
Where pain an happiness is just cut out,
So floot into your new
Come on, follow me
Only a few pills of L.S.D.

- Wayne 'Clapton' Reilly
©-Spotlight Publishing-1998


I was only eight now when you called me black
The colour that, whats the colour of sunset,
Then night isn’t white, what colour is death
Don’t turn your back, the world isn’t multi colour
Its just white and black
There’s more colour on the rack
So don’t paint the world
White and Black
You think your intelligent & strong
You’re white, you have the rights
I am black, weak and wrong
The world runs on colour
not red, blue, green or yellow
But dull drab, white and black
O great so you’re white
Yourself don’t get a fright
Thats blood, it’s not wine,
It’s the same as mine
Don’t stare into my face and turn away
I ‘am a man not swine,
Look into your great bag
There are other colour at the bottom,
You wouldn’t paint the rainbow
White and Black

- Wayne 'Clapton' Reilly
©-Spotlight Publishing-1998


Buildings touching the sky,
Yet millions homeless,
Why? There's money enough for war,
But million starve What for?
New drugs to bring back smiles,
How come so many die, like flies,
Poverty and pain abound,
There's hundred all around,
And we call ourselves
Masters of the Universe.
Babies born outside the womb,
Given life inside a tube,
Even walking on the moon,
Trips into space for everyone, coming soon
Machines can talk, some can ever Walk,
Money we've got plenty, Gold and Silver too,
May be were Masters of the Universe.
Nuclear bombs so small, no bigger than a ball
Missiles that fly so fast, there's one to beat the last,
And with arsenals so huge, there'll be no place to take refuge,
We could have some place
If only everybody didn't want to become
Masters of the Universe.

- Wayne 'Clapton' Reilly
©-Spotlight Publishing-1998


Upon my sick bed lonely I lie,
pain numbing my head,
Up in the dark sky,
I see visions of death.
A shot in the darkness,
a bright yellow flash,
Tearing the darkness,
opening a deep gash,
Slowly I fall down,
all bloody and red,
And then I wake up,
it’s only a vision of death.
Then I drift back,
do you see what I see,
The hangman’s noose,
it’s ready for me,
tightening around my head,
Eyes popping out of my head,
But then I realise,
it’s just another vision of death.

- Wayne 'Clapton' Reilly
©-Spotlight Publishing-1998


Big and bad pushing seventeen,
Thinking back, one hell of a ride this has been
It started one day, smoking pot and rolling in the hay
Life was a dream when I started
The Journey of my life
Then I moved into first I grew so did my thirst
By the time I moved into third
I was moving so fast I didn’t even notice
The highway zooming past in
The Journey of my life
I didn’t even know
When I shifted into fourth Or stepping on the Gas
Things just happened
So fast I shot a man
Got into a Van and continued through
The Journey of my life Now I’m twenty four
And moving slow
Circling around death row They caught up one day` and threw me in jail
Without any bail
And one of these days,
They’re going to
jam brakes to
The journey of my life.

- Wayne 'Clapton' Reilly
©-Spotlight Publishing-1998


Will there be a tomorrow
Will the sun shine again,
Will there be blue skies
Or just darkness and pain,
Which of the top powers
Will it come from.
Who'll have the pleasure
Of dropping the bomb,
Will it be Russia,
Could be even India
Even America could
Give us the darkness and pain.
When will we see
That spectacular sight,
The beautiful orange mushroom
Could it be tonight,
Won't it make a pretty sight
Corpses lying everywhere,
The land bloody red
And the planet plunged in despair.
So make up your mind now
Decide your fate,
‘Cause even tomorrow
Could be too late.

- Wayne 'Clapton' Reilly
©-Spotlight Publishing-1998

Jehar Bhi Hua Be

Pilaho mujhe iss adha se pilaho
Pi janth bhi aaye nazar pithe pithe

Mila zakham aisa batana hai mushkil
Kate abh tho shayad umar pite pite

Kissi ne khushi chin li jab se meri
Gujarthe hai - shamo-shaher pite pite

Ye sara shaher math kuda lag raha hai
Hua mujhpe aisa asar pite pite

Uss jab se rakh sat woh pe loon semere
kate mere aton pahr pite pite

Agar maut bhi aaye thohai ye mumkin
Ajal ki bane hum safar pite pite

- Subhash K. Ajal
©-Spotlight Publishing-1998

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Bangalore's Hottest Party Destination

Nestled in Soul Space Arena, a mall located by the bustling Outer Ring Road, Brew and Barbeque, recently has been reimagined as one of Bangalore’s biggest microbrewery. The Brew and Barbeque has been inspired by the bars in Texas, designed to allow customers a first–hand experience of high-quality dining and a large variety of exotic drinks.Mr Prasanna Kumar, CEO & Managing Partner, The Brew & Barbeque says, “We are proud to say that we are one of the biggest microbrewery pubs in Bangalore. Our attention to detail reflects in the décor which is designed to give a Texan bar feel. At B&B, we have an array of authentic handcrafted brews, and re-enforcing our commitment to providing the best to our customers, we have now launched the complete bar and hand-crafted food menu which will satiate the beverage and food cravings of the city’s connoisseurs and give them a memorable experience.”

Specialties: The mini-concert section at Brew and Barbeque is meant for live music and concerts, this area has a dedicated seating capacity of 100 people, to rave their favourite bands and live performances. Besides serving world class ales, the microbrewery is known for bringing renowned DJs like the king of Bollywood DJ Hussaine, DJ Avijith, DJ Pooja Seth and many more who set the dance floors ablaze with music. Brew and Barbeque offers exquisite food, drinks and music in an ambience that is resplendent with luxury.