17-Jul ! Terry "Geezer" Butler (Black Sabbath) 17-Jul ! Nagaraja Rao Havaldar 17-Jul ! Sachin Bghowmick 17-Jul ! Sukhvinder Singh 18-Jul ! Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar 18-Jul ! Jack Irons (Pearl Jam) 18-Jul ! Brian May (Queen) 19-Jul ! Carlos Santana (Santana) 20-Jul ! Kim Carnes 20-Jul ! Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam) 21-Jul ! Selena Gomez 22-Jul ! Daniel Jones (Savage Garden) 22-Jul ! Don Henley 22-Jul ! Richard Davies (Supertramp) 22-Jul ! George Clinton 22-Jul ! Armaan Malik 22-Jul ! Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child) 23-Jul ! Sam Watters (Color Me Badd) 23-Jul ! Slash (Guns N' Roses) 23-Jul ! Nick Menza (Megadeth) 23-Jul ! Tim Kellett (Simply Red) 23-Jul ! Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) 23-Jul ! Dhondutai Kulkarni 23-Jul ! Tapan 23-Jul ! Jennifer Lopez 24-Jul ! Kanchipuram Naina Pillai 25-Jul ! Sameer Phatarpekar 25-Jul ! Justin 25-Jul ! Raageshwari 25-Jul ! Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer 25-Jul ! Sri Semmangudi R. Srinivasa Iyer 25-Jul ! Headliner (Arrested Development) 26-Jul ! Gary Cherone (Extreme/Van Halen) 26-Jul ! Roger Taylor (Queen) 26-Jul ! Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) 26-Jul ! Rajkumar Shyamanand Sinha 27-Jul ! Trichy Sankaran 27-Jul ! Steve Morse (Deep Purple) 28-Jul ! Simon Kirke (Bad Company) 28-Jul ! Wanya Morris (Boyz II Men) 29-Jul ! John Sykes (Whitesnake) 29-Jul ! Simon Kirke (Bad Company) 29-Jul ! Neal Doughty (REO Speedwagon) 29-Jul ! Sanjeev Chimmalgi 29-Jul ! Anup Jalota 29-Jul ! Sonu Nigam 30-Jul ! Kate Bush 30-Jul ! Paul Anka 30-Jul ! Girija Devi 30-Jul ! Will Champion (Coldplay) 31-Jul ! Fatboy Slim 31-Jul ! Bill Berry (R.E.M.) 31-Jul ! Boz Burrell (Bad Company) 1-Aug ! Chuck D (Public Enemy) 1-Aug ! Coolio 1-Aug ! Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) 1-Aug ! Robert Cray (1953) 1-Aug ! Tiger Varadachariar 1-Aug ! Prema Hariharan (Chennai) 2-Aug ! Sushama Reddy 2-Aug ! Zelma Davis (C+C Music Factory) 2-Aug ! Chhannulal Mishra 3-Aug ! James Hetfield (Metallica) 3-Aug ! Tony Bennett (1926) 3-Aug ! Sharon Prabhakar 4-Aug ! Vellore Ramabhadran 4-Aug ! Vishal Bhardwaj 4-Aug ! Ganesh Jain 5-Aug ! Kumbakonam Rajamanickam Pillai 5-Aug ! Pat Smear (formerly of Foo Fighters) 5-Aug ! Aditya Narayan 6-Aug ! Cyrus Sahukar 6-Aug ! Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice of Spice Girls) 6-Aug ! Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden) 7-Aug ! Cyrus Broacha 7-Aug ! Suresh Wadkar 7-Aug ! JC Chasez ('N Sync) 8-Aug ! Raza Ali Khan 8-Aug ! Shawn Mendes 8-Aug ! Asgari Bai 9-Aug ! Sawan Kumar Tak 9-Aug ! Sulkshana Pandit 9-Aug ! Trichur V.Ramachandran (Chennai) 9-Aug ! Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) 10-Aug ! Ustad Alladiya Khan 10-Aug ! Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande 10-Aug ! Ramashreya Jha 11-Aug ! T.H.Vinayakram 11-Aug ! V. Doreswamy Iyengar 11-Aug ! Kid Creole 12-Aug ! Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) 12-Aug ! Pat Metheny 12-Aug ! Nalin Shah 13-Aug ! T.K.Murthy 13-Aug ! Dash Crofts (Seals & Crofts) 14-Aug ! David Crosby (Crosby, Stills & Nash) 14-Aug ! Manohar Iyer 14-Aug ! Michael Graham (Boyzone) 14-Aug ! Sunidhi Chauhan 14-Aug ! Amir Khan 15-Aug ! Bharati Pradhan 15-Aug ! Pandit Prasun Banerjee 15-Aug ! Prof. T.Viswanathan 15-Aug ! R.Durga Prasad 15-Aug ! Srimushnam V.Raja Rao 15-Aug ! Emily Erwin (Dixie Chicks) 16-Aug ! Hemlata 16-Aug ! Kishan Bhutani 16-Aug ! Madonna 16-Aug ! Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar 16-Aug ! Belinda Carlisle 17-Aug ! Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids On The Block) 17-Aug ! Daler Mehndi 18-Aug ! Dennis Elliot (Foreigner) 18-Aug ! Gulzar 18-Aug ! Jon Higgins 18-Aug ! Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar 18-Aug ! T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal 18-Aug ! Abdul Rashid Khan 19-Aug ! Ginger Baker (Cream) 19-Aug ! Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) 19-Aug ! John Deacon (Queen) 19-Aug ! Ken Gosh 19-Aug ! Demi Lovato 20-Aug ! Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) 20-Aug ! Naresh(Mahesh Brother) 20-Aug ! Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) 20-Aug ! Uday Tara Nayar 20-Aug ! Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) 21-Aug ! Kenny Rogers 21-Aug ! Liam Howlett (Prodigy) 21-Aug ! Melissa Schuman (Dream) 21-Aug ! Sriram Brahmanandam 21-Aug ! Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys) 22-Aug ! James DeBarge (DeBarge) 22-Aug ! Paul Douchette (Matchbox 20) 22-Aug ! Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears) 22-Aug ! Tori Amos 22-Aug ! Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) 23-Aug ! SkyBlu (LMFAO) 23-Aug ! Basavaraj Rajguru 24-Aug ! Billy Ray Cyrus 25-Aug ! DJ Terminator X (Public Enemy)25-Aug ! Elvis Costello 25-Aug ! Gene Simmons 25-Aug ! Rekha Chinniprakash 25-Aug ! Rob Halford (Judas Priest) 25-Aug ! Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) 25-Aug ! Adrian Young (No Doubt) 26-Aug ! M.S.Anantaraman 26-Aug ! Shirley Manson (Garbage) 26-Aug ! Rajarathnam Pillai 27-Aug ! Shania Twain 27-Aug ! Tony Kanal (No Doubt) 27-Aug ! Voletti Venkateswarulu 27-Aug ! Chris Copping (Procol Harum) 29-Aug ! Kyle Cook (Matchbox 20) 29-Aug ! Micky Moody (Whitesnake) 30-Aug ! Debbie Gibson 31-Aug ! Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions) 31-Aug

Gajendra Verma releases latest track...

The breakup song of the season is here! Popular singer and Qyuki creator Gajendra Verma’s With his latest boom boxing number Yaad Karke.  A catchy song with groovy beats, Yaad Karke is a step away from the norm. Shot in beautiful locales across Dubai and the Middle East, it explores the story of a couple who were in love, and the emotions that led them to ultimately, break up.

Gajendra’s vocals are playful yet heartwarming and lend a great sense of empathy to the track. Sure to be a trendsetter number, Yaad Karke‘s moving moments combined with a gorgeous video and smooth vocals,  will hit a passionate chord with the audience. Gajendra is one of the rare independent artists creating originals, not covers and has achieved massive success  with one of his breakout hits “Tera Ghata” hitting 300 million views on his YouTube channel which boasts of over 2.4 million subscribers. The Audio stream of Yaad Karke is already available  on major platforms.

SANAM releases a heartfelt love track

Love in this monsoon has come in form of a heartbreak. India's biggest band, SANAM launches their latest track 'Jaane De Mujhe' in collaboration with VYRL Originals. The track tells us that sometimes mere love and commitment cannot suffice a relationship. Fate also has a role to play in it. SANAM beautifully brings out the true meaning of love and its various essences though strong emotional lyrics by Kunaal Verma. The song is an ode reminiscing the love moments spent together. ‘Jaane De Mujhe’ explains that love alone cannot fix the cracks in a relationship regardless the intensity of the love.

Known for their covers, predominantly of the legendary Kishore Kumar, the band has created a niche for themselves in the music space. The four members of the band comprising, Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Venky and Keshav portrays a vulnerable self, envisaging and delivering a gripping and passionate story which is beautifully directed by Prayrit Seth.

The video reflects Sanam Puri playing the lead role of a grief stricken and in-despair partner of his lady love who is suffering from mental health issues. Sanam tries hard to keep things together but love alone is not sufficient to keep the relationship going and eventually succumbs to fate.

VYRL Originals has been a leader in building up the non-film music culture and category in India. VYRL Originals and SANAM’s partnership is a befitting association of music ideologies. Non-film music has been at the highest point of music charts across the nation and it's a rage amongst the youth who are looking for original and meaningful music today.

“I have stood my ground to support independent music, to have my artists play front in place of playing back and I have been open to associate with like minded partners. When I heard Vinit & entire VYRL Originals team speaking the same language with a whole lot of enthusiasm and artist centric approach, it felt like a victory of sorts. I am extremely positive about this association and truly believe this is just the beginning” said Ben Thomas, Business Manager of SANAM band, Founder & MD, Kurian & Co Talent Management

The gully boy of Indian Bangla Rap

Sterling Reserve Project just releasesed it's 5th album “Jhul Mama,” by the gully boy of Indian bangla rap, Cizzy. He has been fronting the Bangla rap community in Kolkata and is evolving rap through beats that he believes are authentic to India and Bengali culture. Being fond of rhythm since a young age and coming from a music-oriented family, Cizzy delved into classical music for a decade. Cizzy was always inclined to different types of World Music including Folk, Rabindrasangeet and other genres. While developing himself musically, Cizzy picked up a few musical instruments along the way, such as ektara, dotara, kazoo, esraj, tabla, harmonium and basic keyboards, guitar, flute and drums. At the age of fourteen, Cizzy began scribbling rhymes in a notebook, and thus began his initiation and love for the genre of Hip Hop and Rap.

Cizzy’s name breaks down to “When you see (C)-through my eyes (I)-there's only dreaming (ZZ)-why? (Y). The answer lies in my music.”

CIZZY currently fronts “The Cypher Projekt,” a community of rappers and beatmakers, who get together through “Cypher” sessions for freestyle rap sessions and collaborations. 

Sterling Reserve Music Project launches their fifth track

Sterling Reserve Music Project, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Universal Music India and Allied Blenders & Distillers, launches its fifth single “Jhul Mama,” by the gully boy of Indian bangla rap, Cizzy. “Jhul Mama” talks about the importance of being real, within the currently saturated, genre of hiphop, where people attempt to fake it in order to make it big in the industry.

“Jhul Mama,” literally translates to, “You Are Still Nothing,” and is set to a catchy melody with a rhythmic flow that is unique to Cizzy. The track was initially conceived as a chant, Cizzy formed the hook line after listening to the melodic arrangement and formed his flow through the emotions he wanted to ignite.

The music video opens with Cizzy’s friend being denied entry into a club and Cizzy leads him to another club where there is no attire based discrimination. Cizzy and his friends are able to be their trueselves in this setting.

“Jhul Mama” releases after the success of four tracks, the most recent being “YoYo” by RS Chauhan featuring IKKA and Rishi Rich, which has currently crossed over 9 million views on the Sterling Reserve Music Project channel on youtube.

Sterling Reserve Music Project is the region’s first enabler platform to discover, incubate and promote emerging musical talent from India. The project aims at elevating and supporting the independent music scene in the country by giving musicians a platform to showcase their talent.

Speaking about the release, Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director and CEO of Universal Music & EMI Music, India & South Asia said, “Great music truly has no language. At the Sterling Reserve Music Project we’re truly language and genre agnostic. You could come from virtually anywhere with a song of any genre, in any language and all we need is a song that’s popping. We picked Cizzy out of a few hundred potential artists and from a bunch of demos he sent us for the project on A few months in, we’re ready to show the world the real spitfire that’s Cizzy.”

Sharing his thoughts, Bikram Basu, Chief Operating Officer, Allied Blenders & Distillers said,

“It’s a pleasure to support young, emerging talent. The passion, sound and spontaneity they bring to music is fabulous. Cizzy and his Bangla Rap is breaking new ground and we at Sterling Reserve Music Project are sure that we will hear him headlining soon.”

Excited about the release, CIZZY said, “Working with Universal Music, was a dream come true for me. The Sterling Reserve Music Project is undoubtedly the most transparent musical project that helps undiscovered artists get into the spotlight. This is what we are all looking for. I have a vault full of fresh original 'Bangla Rap' music, and the goal is to put out absolute unforgettable classics. The Sterling Reserve Project has been such a boost to my confidence and with “Jhul Mama,” I'm sure that I'm going to put Bangla Rap on the map.

Sourav Roy releases his first romantic song

When you listen to romantic songs you cannot help but succumb to a gush of emotions and feelings. Bollywood's well known composer Sourav Roy’s new single ‘Cappuccino'. As the song name suggests, a lot can happen with a cup of cappuccino between two souls. The video is about a young love story. The audience will get to enjoy the peppy romantic song in R Naaz's voice, with the composition by Sourav Roy. The video features youth sensation, actor Niti Taylor & Abhishek Verma.

Talking about the song, Sourav said, "This is my first collaboration with lyricist Kumaar Ji and label Times Music. Kumaar Ji has written so many great songs and it is a great feeling when you work with such a great team. The best feeling is when you compose something with him and a singer like Naaz comes along and takes the song to a different level."

He also adds, "I am really looking forward to see the love of the audience for this song. I am excited because, with the passionate lyrics and a soulful romantic song like this, I can't wait to see if the audience loves it as much as we do. It's dedicated to all the people out there who have ever been in the phase where we fall in love for somebody and want to see that person all the time.”

Niti Taylor added, “It was a privilege to work with Sourav, Abhishek Verma and Onboard Films. It's a beautiful song and brings out the romantic in me. Every moment on the set was like one big party and it's reflected on-screen as well. I’m sure the audience will enjoy the song as much as we did while shooting it.”

‘Cappuccino’ is out on now on Times Music YouTube channel. 

Rapper Haji Springer releases his latest track...

Sony Music’s Hip Hop focused label Awaaz released Haji Springer’s “Galiyon Se”, an addictive melody with lyrics that talk about being self made.  A collaborative effort with Jay R, “Galiyon Se” will get you hooked to it instantly. Both the artists have been partners in music for the greater part of their careers and are Indian immigrants in the Bay Area of San Fransisco, California.

Haji Springer reflected on his success by saying, "I feel blessed to still be doing music and having an audience that truly appreciates me. I feel like I always reinvent myself every few years and stay on top of my game when it comes to hip hop.”Inspired by pure passion, Haji goes on to say, “I never started music to become famous or rich, it was my life blood! Its been a crazy ride but I'm still here. God is good."

When asked about Haji Springer, Desi Hip Hop CEO, Hardik Dave mentioned, “Haji is a true Bay Area legend! He is the product of where passion meets hard work”

Haji Springer's past singles like ‘Koi Ni Parwa’ , ‘Brand New Swag’, 'Sanjay Dutt’, and Bollywood hits like “Tu Meri Rani’ spread like fire. As a producer, he has also worked on hits for Gippy Grewal, Guru Randhawa, Vishal Shekhar, Sunidhi Chauhan, Raxstar, Bohemia, Baby Bash, and more.

Badshah's 'Paagal' breaks world record

Bow down to the new king of the world. Badshah has broken a world record with PAAGAL, dethroning BTS and Taylor Swift, crossing 75 million-plus views in 24 hours on Sony Music India’s YouTube channelzWithin minutes of its release, the song — an all-out rhythmic pop banger — is a viral sensation. It quickly became a song that everyone was watching and sharing for its sticky hooks and grooves making it reach this outstanding number. Says Badshah, “I am ecstatic and I am overwhelmed with the amount of love we have received in the last 24 hours. Paagal was made with the focused intent of taking music from India across borders and making our presence felt. And my fans just went all out on this one to help me achieve my dream. We're going BIG with this one.”

Adds on Shridhar Subramaniam, President India and Middle East, Sony Music “This is an unprecedented feat and we are very proud. This will go down history as Badshah becomes the first Indian artist to reach 75MN views in 24 hours. In our collective pursuit on being on top of the charts, we know we have fought our way to the top!”

Directed by the globally acclaimed Miami-based Marlon Pena, the video has been shot across various iconic locations in LA skyline including the LA river where the likes of Grease, Dark Knight Rises, Fast and Furious have been shot. The video also stars Rose Romero, a Playboy 2019 muse, who is raising temperatures with her debut on an Indian music video. Badshah makes India proud with this achievement , we are sure it will be onwards and upwards only.

Swiss Pop sensation to open for the legendary Mark Knopfler

Fresh off her performance at Glastanbury Festival(UK) last month comes the exciting news that Veronica Fusaro will open for the legendary Mark Knopfler at the prestigious Festival de Nimes in France next week!This is huge for a 22-year old artiste from a small town called Thun in Switzerland and only reaffirms her talent!All this is on the back of her brillaint new single "Lie To Me".

In the quiet remoteness of her home recording studio in Switzerland, Veronica Fusaro developed her characteristic soul / pop sound along with the bluntness of her songs.Veronica has performed at the Swiss Music Awards in Zurich; was invited to the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang and played two showcases at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Her accolades include winning the «Demo of the Year» at the Swiss M4Music Festival (2016);  winning «Best Talent by the national radio station SRF3 (2017) & her nomination for the Swiss Music Awards 2017.

Touring ever since, her music matured with the euphoric reactions of her listeners. On small and large stages, from New Zealand all the way to London, back to Switzerland, Veronica Fusaro captivates audiences by building sound structures with live multi-instrumental loops - or by simply standing at the edge of the stage with her guitar and singing her songs with her affecting voice.

With 2 soft release EPs and the experience of a phenomenal 136 shows around the world in 2018, 2019 is set to be Veronica's big breakthrough year!  The young musician is ready for the stages of the world, with brand new songs, skillfully balancing between the depth and playfulness of her music: pure, powerful and intimate.

Beyonce's brand new song 'Spirit'

23-time Grammy® Award–winning global superstar Beyoncé is the executive producer of The Lion King: The Gift album, a musical ode to the classic story of Disney’s “The Lion King” feature film.  Directed by Jon Favreau, the film includes the new original song, "Spirit," performed by Beyoncé.The Lion King: The Gift album is set for release on July 19. The powerful track, “Spirit,” appears in the film, during a pivotal scene with Beyoncé’s character, Nala and appears on the Walt Disney Records original motion picture soundtrack and on The Lion King: The Gift album from Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. The song, available globally later tonight, was written for the film by IIya Salmanzadeh, Timothy McKenzie and Beyoncé and is produced by Beyoncé and IIya and Labrinth.

With The Lion King: The Gift album, Beyoncé curated a masterful recording, a robust soundscape bringing together some of her favorite artists with the most talented and important African artists of the day to both pay tribute to the iconic film and bring the authentic sounds of African music to the world.

 “This is sonic cinema,” said Beyoncé.  “This is a new experience of storytelling.  I wanted to do more than find a collection of songs that were inspired by the film. It is a mixture of genres and collaboration that isn’t one sound. It is influenced by everything from R&B, pop, hip hop and Afro Beat.”

In planning and recording the album, the artists’ personal connection to the iconic film and its story was highly considered.

“I wanted to put everyone on their own journey to link the storyline,” she continued.  “Each song was written to reflect the film’s storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imagery, while listening to a new contemporary interpretation. It was important that the music was not only performed by the most interesting and talented artists but also produced by the best African producers. Authenticity and heart were important to me.”

The Lion King: The Gift, with new recordings by Beyoncé, features a beautiful, multi-genre symphony, steeped in African influences from various corners of the Continent, with unexpected collaborations, pulsating rhythms and crisp production that celebrate the African diaspora. This love letter to Africa highlights the setting of the film, rooted in African culture and wondrous narratives. Track list and featured artists on The Lion King: The Gift are forthcoming.

This monsoon Darshan Raval to woo audiences again

Darshan Raval and his soulful romantic tracks during the monsoons seem to have become synonymous. The singer has since 2015 released a song pertaining to the rains every year and each of them has been a chart buster. Sticking to custom, Darshan will release his latest single later this month. Raval will feature in the video as well, which has been shot in picturesque locales of Benaras. As he dropped the first look of the song on his instagram handle earlier in the day, fans have been eager to know the name of the song but Darshan plans to reveal the same a couple of days later.  Like most of his previous hit tracks, Indie Music Label will release the track on their official YouTube channel later this month.

An insight to Dhruba Ghosh

Today,10th July happens to be the 2nd death anniversary of Grammy award winner Dhruba Ghosh. His Collaboration with the  Paul Winter Consort for the album "Miho: Journey to the Mountain" was the highlight of his career. He was a visionary when it came to Music and had collaborations with various International Artists. Firstly he was instrumental in forming the World String Orchestra in Japan, which involved using the traditional string instruments of Japan, China, Korea, Uzbekistan and India. The other collaboration was with Baroque musician Philippe Pierlot, cellists Jean Paul Dessy, Francoise Deppe and Justin Pearson. He had also worked with  world music exponents like Trilok Gurtu and DJ Robert Miles. We rewind through some of our past interviews to give an insight into his vision.

How would you explain your instrument the Sarangi?  
Sarangi is the quintessence of North Indian culture, it's the essential juice?. To take it  further, the instrument has richness of the Indian spices, has the kind of luxuriousness, not governed by the clock music so to say, ?S?arangi can go on and on.. so luxurious and emotional. Poems, Ghazals whether the poets are reciting to other poets or to one's beloved, the Sarangi represents that kind of personal expression of joy.   

The future of the Sarangi?
The Sarangi to my mind is a very serious instrument by its very sound, serious and a very personal instrument and therefore it can be singular in its projection too, but given an electronic interface it can play havoc, on the kind of sound that can  been generated.

What will be impact of Electronics in Music? 
Music is going to change, Electronics will become part of Classical Music. Acoustic Music will become kind of refugees and function like refugees.   

The future of Classical Music?  
It is likely to be Fusion music, fusion music is a very tentative form like shifting sands, it will be the next classical music as I have been telling you but it requires to go through a lot of growth by brilliant minds. 

Coming  to the business aspect of shows what is your opinion? 
Today in the Music scene big money paying concerts are much more than small money paying concerts and who takes them? A few people, this is the way the system works and they take away the big chunk of the cheese and very less is left for other artists.

How would you look at Music v/s art like painting?
To me Painting is a art frozen in time whereas Music is art living in time?.? 

Sameer Rahat's Gyaan

Sameer Rahat is a writer, performer and music composer/producer based out of Mumbai and London.  Apart from working as a film music composer in his Baqsa Studios, he also plays his own brand of Urdu-blues music, experimenting with the poetry of contemporary and progressive Urdu poets from Indian subcontinent. It also his humble effort to revive our heritage of ghazals as a form of writing and music. He's also writing is first travel-photo-poetry book called 'Ibtida'. Sameer just dropped his debut music video, 'Gyaan' on all platforms. The single is a part of his solo Urdu-Blues music project which will feature in the upcoming album, "Duniyadaari' to be released in Dec 2019. 

He recently concluded his nationwide solo tour 'Chasing Jugnoo' with multiple sold out shows. The video is directed by Ajitesh Sharma(Delhi Crime Netflix) and shot by award winning DOP Udit Khurana in the beautiful city of Bombay. The video is a satirical take on country's current socio-political scenario, metaphorically using country's favorite drink, 'Chai' accompanied by the biscuits of Gyaan.Check it out :

Salsero - A Global Recording Project

Colin D'cruz founder of Jaz Goa has come uup with a Musical idea that could be in the Guinness's Book of World Records when he completes his ambitious project of getting the world to ding his song 'Salsero' It is open to anyone from any country or language. He is looking to get the song sung inall Indian languages and many sub dialects too.

Salsero hopes to set a world record for the number of languages it will be recorded in. Singers from all over the world are invited to represent their country in this project. This is a non-commercial venture that will bring the world together in one song. Salsa was chosen as the theme since it is the most infectious rhythm easily recognised all over the world. Singers who would be interested in contributing to this project can download the track and it's minus one at this link:

The vocal track can be recorded against the minus one track in any language and sent separately to The vocal track will be mixed into the project at Jazz Goa studio and then uploaded to the same link with the artists name attached to each language. It will also be uploaded to the Jazz Goa app at

Here are the lyrics in English, they are kept simple so that translation is easier:

Show me more Mister Salsero
Move your body close to mine
Feel the beat flow down to my feet
Lost in a dance so divine

yes in your arms i feel all your charms
You set my spirit so free
Can go on untill the break of dawn
Make me sway the night away

Show me more Mister Salsero
Move your body close to mine
Feel the beat flow down to my feet
Lost in a dance so divine

90's Scatman John & Lou Bega embark on Musical journey

The two 90’s giants in suits and hats, Scatman John and Lou Bega, have joined forces to release an infectious new single “Scatman & Hatman”, embarking on a musical journey through time! The single is out today across all streaming services exclusively on 9122 Records.

2019 is not only 20th anniversary of “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…),” which became an international smash in 1999 and turned Munich-born singer LOU BEGA into a pop sensation, but it's also the 20th death anniversary of musical magician John Larkin aka Scatman John. 

Being from the same era, Lou Bega had always dreamt of collaborating with Scatman John. Unfortunately, John prematurely passed away in 1999…but Lou Bega did not give up on his dream! So while it couldn’t be done in its traditional way, the solution was to use old DAT tapes with vocal recordings of Scatman John.

Lou teamed up with the German producer Roland Spremberg (a-ha), and together they re-created Scatman John's 1994 hit and aptly titled it "Scatman & Hatman". The track mixes the instantly recognisable original hook line with a brand new melody and lyrics…and then all dressed up in a modern hit cloak with Lou’s characteristic swing beat style!  The end result - an absolute Fresh & Contemporary re-creation of Scatman John's 1994 smash "Scatman".

Say an elated LOU BEGA on the release of the single, “Twenty years is nothing, like a shadow, a vapor, it’s gone in one second. That’s why I am more than happy to have been traveling in time saying Hi to a new generation. A 90s ScatMambo punch for 2019!!! John Larkin would have loved it indeed!”

Says Sunil D’Sa, Founder, 9122 Records, “Both these 90’s superstars have collectively sold a phenomenal 12 Million albums & 11 Million singles around the world…on CD! They were both pathbreaking and trendsetters in their time. Cut to 2019, a good 20 years since “Mambo #5” created mayhem, as well as the passing away of Scatman John (1999) comes “Scatman & Hatman” – an insanely mind blowing re-creation of Scatman’s 1995 hit! This is as Classic as it is Fresh. It’s one of those instant HITS that will put a smile on your face and pull you to the nearest dancefloor…welcome to the Song Of The Summer!”

Scatman John, Lou Bega “Scatman & Hatman” is now available in India exclusively on 9122 Records across all streaming services.

Check out the track and music video here:

Ellie Goulding and Juice WRLD team up together

Platinum selling singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding and Juice WRLD have released their highly anticipated collaboration ‘Hate Me’, out now on Polydor.Following on from the success of recent releases ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Close To Me’, ‘Hate Me’ sees Ellie team up with critically acclaimed American rapper Juice WRLD whose recent album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. The contagious new track straddles the line between R’n’B and pop - written by Goulding and Juice WRLD and produced by Jason Evigan (Demi Lovato, Madonna) & The Monsters and Strangerz (Britney Spears, J Lo, Kanye West) - is set to soundtrack the summer. Speaking about the song, Ellie explains “I love how this song is a bit tongue in cheek, it’s definitely lyrically different to most of my other songs but it’s fun to play around a bit.”

 Ellie recently celebrated 10 million subscribers on YouTube, amassassing over 5 billion views globally. Ellie joins only a handful of British artists to celebrate this achievement including Coldplay, Adele, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa. This month also saw Ellie wow the crowds at the Capital FM’s Summertime Ball at London’s Wembley Stadium where she performed recent singles ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Close To Me’ alongside fan favourites ‘I Need Your Love’ and ‘On My Mind’.

Ellie was enlisted by composer Steven Price to provide vocals for “In This Together”, one of the songs that soundtracked Netflix’s “Our Planet” nature documentary series with David Attenborough. June saw Ellie launch an exclusive curated playlist on Apple Music. One of the first artists to do so, Ellie’s playlist ‘Ellie Goulding: Pushing Limits’ is a fitness playlist made up of motivational bangers.

 Ellie’s incredible career to date has seen her celebrate two #1 albums, two BRIT Awards, sell over 15 million albums and 102 million singles, amass 13 billion streams worldwide and surpass over 14 million Instagram followers. The track ‘Love Me Like You Do’ broke the record for the most streamed song in 1 week worldwide. Off stage, Ellie continues her work with the UN as a global environmental ambassador and is involved in many other philanthropic ventures, including being a patron of The Marylebone Project and fundraising for Streets Of London.


Badshah the Fashion trendsetter

Badshah with his new rhythmic-reggaeton-pop banger that has him wearing some grail un-released luxury wear collections is a real fashion trendsetter. Badshah is in  Los Angeles,USA to shoot for his  uber cool pop single to be released shortly by Sony Music. In the video, Badshah has worn the most highlighted Luxury Brands of 2019 including Fendi, DSquared 2 limited editions, Louis Vuitton SS19, LV x OFF White, Gucci,  Vetements, and his seemingly favorite Balenciaga . He has been credited for making Balenciaga a home brand and this video will surely open your eyes to some of the best brands and styles! He has become a fashion icon and is followed by B town celebs on his style and personal fashion statement. Above all, he has become a blue eyed boy for LV where he is one of the 100 celebs worldwide to own an exclusive bag that changes colors!

Says Badshah, “I believe fashion to be an important part of my personality. LV, DSquared are brands that I love to have on me other than my favorites.

Here comes the Son...

??A R Ameen,is the son of Grammy award winner A.R. Rahman,he is touted by industry insiders to be a singing sensation, released his first independent single, Sago in Tamil aka Friend from Sony Music’s Madras Gig Season 2. Composed by A.R. Rahman,the song about friendship and love penned by Vivek & ADK is produced by A.R.Rahman and A.R.Ameen. The full song video is directed by Amith Krishnan featuring Ameen in a breath-taking performance, something you shouldn’t miss!
Says Ameen, “I'm extremely excited to be making my debut with Sago. Producing this number with Daddy was challenging but I enjoyed working on this and really look forward to seeing what people have to say about my track. Hope I receive a warm welcome into the industry.”

Adds on A R Rahman, “As a music producer and composer , hundreds of artists have been introduced through my songs and their contributions have enriched us for over two and a half decades . I wish A R Ameen the very best and hope his song finds a special place in the listeners hearts!” Ameen’s debut track will definitely make him an artist to reckon with and offer audience a first taste of his music. Working closely with Sony Music on the release, Shridhar Subramaniam President India & 
Middle East, says, “This is an emotional and special moment for us , our relationship with the family 
spans over two decades, from A R Rahman’s first non-film song “Vande Mataram” and countless soundtracks to now  – as we release Ameen’s debut single. He has everything to be another prodigy. Trained by the best and surrounded with music since birth, for Ameen, making music comes from his heart.”
He further adds, “For Sago we have an extensive marketing plan across platforms. His music will reach millions of music fans worldwide. We are hopeful that he receives all the love and support .”
Sago is the curtain closer from Madras Gig Season 2 , an independent music series conceptualized by Sony Music & Knack Studios.

 Listen to it here :

IncInk's first EP release

IncInk is a music collective founded by filmmaker Navzar Eranee and actor Ranveer Singh, IncInk seeks out and nurtures musicians, poets, painters and film makers. Our long-term aim is to create an infrastructure where artists from different mediums can collaborate without restrictions. By being inclusive, IncInk will provide a megaphone for creative voices.

In the world of the written and spoken word, a name like 'Rumi' resonates a certain quality of depth and wordplay. In a contemporary context, SPITFIRE aspires to be as great. The word 'Spit' is slang for the power of the spoken word. The word 'Fire' empowers the words to provoke or destroy anything that stands in his path. His weapons for peace and war are his words. Now imagine a word spoken, visible, soaked in the gasoline of depth and meaning, and then set it on fire. Spitfire embodies Ink set on Fire.

His debut EP “Paathshala” is about how Spitfire saved Nitin Mishra. The EP speaks of an old wealth of knowledge based on experiential learning that guides us to who we are. Art and expression had once saved Nitin, so he has now found the strength to give back and spit words soaked in truth. You can feel his frustrations and his release juxtaposed in every word, in every song.

The music producers behind the distinctive sound of IncInk are siblings Anushka Manchanda & Shikhar Manchanda a.k.a. R?KHIS.They were completely immersed in the experience of developing the sound for Spitifre.“Spitfire takes the seemingly ordinary and shows you why it’s extraordinary. There is anangst that he has, which we wanted to communicate with the sound for this EP.Poetic words marked with electronic aggression, sometimes subtle, and sometimes in your face.That’s the vibe.”

Paathshala being IncInk’s first EP release, seamlessly embodies the why behind IncInk. “We can speak our truths, learn, educate and maybe even inspire somebody outside of ourselves. Oppression must be faced with bravery and creativity. By bringing these subjects to light through art, we can recognise the matrix and take action. Rap lends truth to the idea that art is and will always be, mightier than the sword.”

“Ek akashvani si sunai deti hai kahin se,
ki tum nahi jaante ki kis tarah har cheez ek doosre se judi hai...
Tabhi kuch vaartalaap jaari hai,
mera khud se aur rab se.
Khud se hi seekh raha hoon jaise khud hi paathshala hoon.
Issi kashmakash mein
main har maya ko hataane mein laga hoon.”

- Spitfire
on his debut EP, Paathshala

Music Inc. 2.0 concludes on high note.

The second edition of Music Inc. 2.0 witnessed phenomenal success with the coming together of thought leaders, young entrepreneurs and brand representatives to discuss trends shaping the music space. Over 600 delegates and over 100 speakers participated in this two day thought fest.

During his inaugural keynote, Dr. Anurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-in- Chief exchange4media Group & Businessworld Group said, “Music Inc. and Loudest is a platform where we cover musicians and brands. It is where music meets technology, people who give them business and where they meet brands. It is about the business of music. You cannot have the business of music without musicians, without the people who create music.”

Neeraj Roy, Founder –CEO, of South Asia’s largest digital entertainment service –Hungama, spoke about the changing landscape of the music industry from the prism of the digital world and how it is likely to shape up over the next few years.

Day one continued with speakers and panelists discussing on varied subjects like Consumer Engagement and Technology in Music, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, OTT Platforms in India, Rise in Creative Entrepreneurship, The Developing Technology, Applications and Smartphone Usage, Genres of Music and Intersections of Music and Sports, Music In Advertising And Many more. It had some of the finest names come together to share their thoughts on the technological and digital advancement experienced and its impact on the artists and the industry.

The second day of the conference brought together some interesting viewpoints on topics such as Understanding the Global Music Landscape, Tourism & Music, Creating Global Impact with Music, Mapping India’s Pop Culture, Bringing Music Alive Through Social Video Experiences, Music In Advertising -  Sync, Licensing, Endorsements And Sonic Branding. The panel saw some of the outstanding music Artists, Entrepreneurs discussing music holistically.

Speaking at the event Grammy Award winning artist Ricky Kej said, “Music is the only way I connect to the world and being an impact in their lives. One can try to change the world but it’s important is to create impact one needs to be creative with their work.”

In a fireside chat Jackky Bhagnani, Artist, Film Producer and Founder, JJust Music spoke about his startup record label and making music for the millennials.

Mandar Thakur COO, Times Music spoke about emergence of independent music and technology, “The West is an artist-driven economy – whereas in India the music industry had pretty much started off as traders and that is precisely why the Indian industry is lagging behind. But with the emergence of independent music and technology, we have seen a change. I believe in the coming years we won’t look very different from the western world,” he said.

Music Inc. with the success of its second edition has created a mark in the music conference space bringing together some of the finest talent from across the country on one stage.  

For more information you can visit our website 

Arjun Kanungo takee you down the memory lane

VYRL Originals artist Arjun Kanungo, is all set to release a melodious and a heartfelt track Woh Baarishein.Powerful vocals and composition by Arjun and his portrayal of anguishin this track is brought alive throughManoj Muntashir’s beautiful lyrics and deeply felt through the live orchestra arrangement which is a rare experience. The track is a complete burst of emotionsthat createsa perfect blend for the monsoon and brings back memories and moments spent with loved ones.

Popstar and Ballad, Arjun Kanungo pours his heart outinthisemotional track thatenvisages a story of great loss of love, loneliness and grief. The video reflects Arjun’s sadness on losing the very love of his life played by Shriya Pilgaonkar, against a beautiful backdrop of the rains. The overall setup amidst monsoon does complete justice to the track and the video.

Staying true to his reputation; Arjun Kanungo has given his fansan easy sing-along hook in Woh Baarishein allowing them to contemplate the depth of his agony and join him in sharing their own. This visual spectacle is directed by Danny Mamik.

Ecstatic at the release of his latest single, Arjun Kanungo said,“Woh Baarishein marks the end of an amazing trilogy where I set out to understand what it means to make music videos with story, drama and action. I feel it's one of my best and I am super excited about it. The song holds a great place in my heart as i sung it with utmost difficulties. I had recorded it in a very difficult phase, where I had completely lost my voice due to my intense voice training and I was afraid on how I would sound. But it all went so beautifully well, and I am so amazed with the end results. I am thankful to VYRL for their constant faith and immense support. My co-star Shriya and writer Manoj Muntashir have done a fabulous job and it’s a perfect sync of team effort which has made 'Woh Baarishein' so amazing ”

Speaking of his first release with VYRL Originals Manoj Mutashirshared,“‘No pain, no gain’ this age-old saying perfectly describes my experience with Woh Baarishein. Having written about 200 songs, I never thought any tune can put my skills to test, the way Arjun’s tune did. It was too uneven and staccato for any writer’s comfort, especially for me who is hell-bent on making my songs poetic.But I didn’t want to give up as the tune had a melancholy which kept haunting me for weeks. With much-appreciated help from Vinit Thakkar and off course Arjun, I could write something which made everyone's eyes wet. This ‘gain’ came after loads of ‘pain’ but eventually it’s one of the most soul-satisfying songs, I’ve ever written.”

Speaking on the release of the song, Vinit Thakkar, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Group India & South Asia said, “Arjun undoubtedly is the most recognizable popstar in India, and we are glad to have him as a part of the VYRL family. Arjun’s third track with VYRL originals is surely going to break his past records. The track Woh Baarishein is by far Arjun’s best creation and the excellent verses by Manoj Muntashir take it a notch higher. All our VYRL Originals track have a unique appeal across audiences and Woh Baarishein is sure to have a deeper connect and lasting impact across the masses.

Divyaj Foundation announces the Winners of 'Mitti Ke Sitare'

‘Mitti Ke Sitare’, the celebration of Musical Talent dedicated to the indigent society of Mumbai, hosted the Grand Finale with glitz and glamour on Saturday, 22nd June 2019 at Dome, NSCI Worli. The Chief Guest for this magnificent event was Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra.  Other renowned dignitaries included Shri. Raosaheb Danve Patil, Shri. Chandrakant Dada Patil, Shri Sudhir Mungantiwar, Shri Vinod Tawde, Smt. Pankaja Munde to name a few and famous personalities from the music and Bollywood fraternities including Grammy award winner Jerry Wonda as the Guest Of Honour, Padma Shri Shankar Mahadevan as the Special Guest, Shiamak Davar, Shriram Iyer, Kumar Bapi, Darshan Raval, Manisha Koirala, Mr. Khailash Kher, Mr. Anu Malik, Himesh Reshammiya, Mr. Jackey Shroff, Mr. Sailesh lodha among others.

Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, Advisor to Divyaj Foundation and also an accomplished singer has ideated this musical talent hunt especially for the underprivileged students of slums and BMC schools. During the Finale she said “I was motivated by Hon. Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modiji to extend musical education to the talented children of the underprivileged section of the society. I am really delighted and overwhelmed by the talent available in our country, especially amongst the underprivileged and with the project Mitti Ke Sitare, these children have now begun their journey towards achievement and self-fulfilment.”

The exceptionally talented 18 contestants, aged between 7 and 15 years, were awarded Rs. 25000 each as cash prize along with Winning Trophies.

The memorable evening began with the lamp lighting and felicitation of the dignitaries present at the event by the Trustees of Divyaj Foundation’s Mr. Sampath Iyer, Mrs. Pallavi Shrivastava and Core Member Mr. Kavin Shah which was followed by the beautiful rendition by the percussionist maestro, Sivamani. The highlight of the evening was the inspiring and splendid singing of the top semi-finalists who enthralled the audience with the performances.

Commenting on the occasion Mr. Shankar Mahadevan said, “When Shankar Mahadevan Academy was approached for conducting this massive talent hunt across all 1187 MCGM schools in Mumbai, I knew we were more than ready to take on the challenge. This is the first time that an organization has run a contest at such a large scale and our contest platform ensured that each contestant was evaluated fairly and transparently – and all this was done in a matter of 2-3 weeks! The shortlisted 18 finalists have been groomed and coached by our music instructors and I’m proud of the fantastic job they did today”

Mrs. Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson Mpower extended her best wishes to the contestants and maintained “Mitti ke sitare has been an amazing journey so far. Mpower has worked with the finalists to help them prepare for the finals by organizing various workshops. Having a good mental health is very important for children to live up to their potential. This ensures that the children live a life that is filled with positive experiences and the willingness to do what is best for themselves and the people around them. These workshops will help the children deal with the possible mental health concerns early on.”

The winning team mentioned “We are thankful to Amruta ji and Divyaj Foundation for this opportunity.  We love the care, discipline and efforts that the gurus have rendered to sharpen our singing skills. Apart from singing, we were also trained in other areas for overall development. We enjoyed every moment of our training”

The evening also featured stunning live performances by Padma Shri Shankar Mahadevan and Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis along with the Contestants, Mr. Jerry Wonda, Shiamak Victory Arts Foundation children to name a few.

‘Mitti Ke Sitare’ is a social initiative by social activist and Vice President-Corporate Head with Axis Bank, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, in association with Mpower, to provide a platform for the hidden talents across indigent areas of the country. To conduct this social welfare project, Divyaj Foundation associated with 1187 MCGM schools to connect, identify and select children from the underprivileged sector - those who are blessed with talent but lack resources to improve themselves.

T-Series crosses the 100 million subscribers mark

T-Series sets record for the first YouTube channel to surpass 100 million subscribers and made history on the platform. For this achievment, T-Series was presented the milestone plaque from The Guiness Book of World Records. Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg's PewDiePie channel, which has around 96 million subscribers on YouTube and known for his comedy sketches was the first one to reach 50 million subscribers milestone. T-Series and PewDiePie have been in battle for the YouTube crown since October 2018. PewDiePie was leading in terms of subscribers for the last five years. They were also involved in several sub wars, diss videos, and memes in the past.

T-Series with a small team of 13 people, has continued its online success with more than 20 million albums as per The channel gained its last 50 million subscribers last year. Artists like Guru Randhawa and superhit soundtracks from Bollywood movies like Simmba has helped the company boost its overall number. Congatulations are in order beginning fron the top with Bhushan Kumar and the entire T-Series family.

Indian Band to launch an Apparel Line

An award-winning modern, post-rock band from Ahmedabad ‘Aswekeepsearching’, known for its instrumental music interspersed with vocals, is soon to launch a new album. However, they didn’t think an album was enough to create a community of fans and like-minded individuals. Running up to the launch of their latest album, and their fan club, the band is taking it a notch above by dabbling in fashion with their apparel line, to bring this community alive. Going beyond merchandise, Aswekeepsearching is the first indie band in India to launch an apparel line. Inspired by their second album, ZIA, this line is unique, minimalist and reflects the monotones experienced through their music. ZIA is sustainable, modern and completely gender less fashion, made by homegrown tailors, designed and conceptualized by Tanaya Sharma and Aswekeepsearching. With a focus on creating exclusive pieces for their fans, slow fashion is the undercurrent of ZIA. You can check out their latest collection ‘Ativa’, named after one of their songs, on Facebook and Instagram, and can purchase it on Tumblr.

Gully Life: The documentary coming soon

DIVINE’s is a name that is synonymous with rap music in India. Alongside a handful of fellow musicians, he’s also credited as one that’s putting hip-hop from the country on the map. He has toured the world, featured on a BBC Radio show, been the inspiration for a Bollywood feature film, contributed music to a few, and now even runs his own company/record label, Gully Gang Entertainment. Less than a decade ago, however, things were vastly different. Living with his grandmother in an eastern Mumbai suburb, Vivian Fernandes was a young boy with no knowledge of hip-hop. His familiarity with music extended largely to the various forms of Indian music he had heard growing up, and those that were played at celebrations in his neighbourhood.

The first-ever documentary on his life, Gully Life: The Story of DIVINE takes an in-depth look at how a young rapper from Mumbai became one of the most sought-after musicians in India and a global superstar – in a matter of a few years. Produced by Red Bull Media House in association with Supari Studios, the film chronicles the ups and downs of one of India’s favourite musicians, in a journey that’s as fascinating as it is endearing.

The film will be telecast on July 1 at 9pm on Discovery Channel, Discovery HD World, TLC, TLC HD World, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, and Discovery Tamil. This will be followed by a digital release on Red Bull TV on July 15 and DIVINE’s YouTube channel on July 17.

Over the course of the fifty-minute-long film, viewers are introduced to some of the most important people in DIVINE’s life – from his mother, with whom he is especially close, to the friends he grew up with and who remain his closest aides – and taken on his remarkable journey, evolving from a teenager discovering hip-hop to the icon he is today.

Says DIVINE, “I’ve had an incredible and amazing journey so far, it almost feels like a dream. To be able to do what I love and for it to be appreciated by others, I feel blessed! Hip-hop really did save my life. Shooting this documentary was quite a journey – to go back tracing all the steps in my life was definitely a surreal experience. I’m grateful to Red Bull Media House and my team at Gully Gang Entertainment to help this bring to life”.

In production for over a year, while the film follows DIVINE through some of his biggest professional achievements – including the debut edition of his hip-hop festival, Gully Fest, and an international tour in Canada – it also revisits the places and people that he credits for shaping his life. From school teachers to friends like family, his mother to artist managers, the director of the film, Akshat Gupt, interviews the characters most instrumental to the life of DIVINE.

“The approach I took with the film was to capture him in and around his environment in the most natural way possible, which means we shot with phones, smaller cameras, and even left our main cameras on and left him in his environment to be as candid as we could,” says Gupt. “We wanted to be unobtrusive, as that’s the only way to capture the rawness of someone’s story. DIVINE’s story is multifaceted and just never ceases to entertain, and that’s translated through to the film, keeping you glued throughout the 50 minutes.”

Mikey McCleary's composition for the ICC World Cup 2019

With the World Cup fever at its peaks and every country cheering for their players, brands across the globe are leveraging the spirit to associate with the sport. Amidst all the enthusiasm, Mikey McCleary composed and curated an innovative World Cup Anthem “WAY O WAY O”, bringing together five recognised names from the music arena together to create an international track like never before for UBER.

In the digital world where brands look at diversified pop culture and prefer songs over adverts, Mikey McCleary has beautifully integrated the two showcasing the true love for the game across the globe.

Having recognised names like SANAM, a popular Indian band known for its renditions of classic Bollywood songs, alongside other globally acclaimed artists such as Jahmiel (Jamaica), Catherine Taylor Dawson (United Kingdom), Simba Diallo (New Zealand) and Choir group – Khayelitsha United Mambazo (South Africa), the track is a culmination of cultures. Mikey has carefully chosen some of the finest global talent to compliment his composition which he first sketched with local singers to comprehend its real look.

The man behind many catchy songs in TV ad campaigns, Mikey believes the connection between brands and artists is important and beneficial for both parties. He has curated campaigns for some of the biggest brands like Vodafone, Levi's, Titan, Coca Cola, Lakme, Garnier, Toyota to name a few.

Speaking about the overall association with UBER and WAY O WAY O, Mikey McCleary shares “This has been an exciting and challenging project to create a catchy international pop song which brings together artists from 5 different cricketing nations. The goal was to celebrate the passion of the fans around the globe, creating a song people would love and also making sure that the song is in sync with the tone of the brand (UBER). After I composed the song and recorded rough guide vocals, I then directed many sessions with international singers via video calls to piece together the anthem like a jigsaw puzzle and make it flow naturally. It’s great working on a song which promotes the idea of celebrating competitive spirit in a global positive way.”

Song Link : 

Danny Aridi award winning songwriter gets the Wanderlust

Danny Aridi is a multi-award-winning Lebanese/Canadian singer and songwriter based in UAE signed to Universal Music. He has been performing for more than 10 years andrecently won the Best Local Band/Act 2019 Award, as well as winning two of the region’s leading talent competitions. He has 8 original songs and music videos released and has opened up for internationally acclaimed artists such as Katy Perry, P!NK, Calvin Harris, Guns n Roses, Fifth Harmony, Post Malone, and The Backstreet Boys.  

A rising star of the Middle East, with an increasingly global fanbase, Danny Aridi releases his latest track ‘Wanderlust’, with a stunning video shot in India. His new single and stylish video shot on location in India is set to open the singer/songwriter up to an even bigger audience.'I try to tell a story with every song,’ says Danny on his latest release. ‘Wanderlust was written on one of my travels, and I tried to capture the feeling of leaving your routine and grabbing a one-way ticket to a distant place for the sake of being more adventurous and living in the moment.The ‘Wanderlust’ video brilliantly reflects that feeling, with Danny filmed on-location in India ‘experiencing the local culture, getting lost and going on multiple adventures while writing the lyrics to the song.

The 26-year-old artist moved to the UAE nearly two years ago and quickly adapted to life in the Middle East after studying in Canada for seven years. Deciding to give music his full-time attention, Danny has won support across the region including winning Virgin’s ‘Best Artist’ competition and being named the UAE’s Best Artist by What’s On at their recent annual awards show.

‘My main goal as an artist is to create music that can relate to the audience on a personal level,’ nods Danny on his song writing ambitions. ‘I love to perform, regardless of the numbers. I have played at gigs where there are 13,000 people in the audience to gigs with 4 or 5 people in the audience. I give it my all regardless, if one person is singing along and feeling the words then I have done my job.’
Wanderlust is now out on Universal Music.
watch the video here:

The Mallroad Project keeps the flame of #MeToo burning

The Mallroad Project is a Hindi rock band,from Delhi ,since their inception, the band has aimed to address real-life issues. Their songs are about the feelings, challenges, fears, dreams, and hopes of a new-age Indian.They are extremely passionate about music, they are corporate professionals by day and musicians by night and weekends.The members of the band are Akhil Thakur (drums), Mahavir Rawat (vocals), Praveer Singh (bass) and Shankar Sharma (guitars).Music is a universal language. Artists through generations have used their music to reach masses andshare social ideologies and messages. “Through our music, we also want to contribute to a progressive future and an equal society,” says the band.

The band has just completed work on a song that directly addresses a major social issue. NamedThurky Boss, the song is inspired by the #MeToo movement and candidly addresses the harassment faced by women, not just in the work environment but also in every other aspect of their lives. Their goal is to keep the fight for justice going by keeping the conversation alive.

The band has lately been consciously talking about critical issues that plague society. Their last
release, Who is the real Pappu? was a satirical political song that asked people to be careful about
believing blindingly in what they were told by netas. Prior to this, they released Dehshatgard – a
song that addressed the social unrest in India. Through songs such as these, the band has presented
their strong opinions on social issues. The songs have been received well by listeners, as they are
able to resonate with the spirit behind the music.

“We believe we can keep the conversation going with our music. #MeToo needs to be kept alive till
the time women continue to face gender inequalities”.In Thurky Boss, the band is taking these issues heads on. The song is a commentary on the pretentiousness of two-faced people, how unsafe public spaces are for women and the dangers that lurk around in the workplace.

The song’s animated video also catches one’s attention. The video has been done as a DIY by the
band members and is in line with the trend of innovative indie music videos in India. The animation
is eye-catching and shocks you with its narrative. Like the lyrics, it takes examples from real life
#MeToo incidents like that of Alok Nath.

The band feels that they don’t need to shy away from pinpointing. When people in the public eye do
injustices, they need to be called out in public too. The song is set to release by the end of June/early July. The song will be available on the band’s YouTube channel as well on Saavn and Bandcamp.

Anaida's tribute to the Mumbai Dabbawalas

Mumbai is a special city in more ways than one. It tests you in multiple ways and it gives back in unbelievable ways too.  Only if you have lived in this city will you be able to understand its multilayered nature. the absolute extremes existing in near perfect harmony. There is no place like Mumbai with as many facets. Its a world within worlds.  And when you love it , it will love you back like no other city can. One of the most special organisation  that represent the spirit of Mumbai in its highest and best is our very own Dabbawalas. It all started 125 years ago by a Parsi gentleman, a banker who wanted to eat home food at this work (the story is on Dabbawalas official site for ref)  and it grew to be an example in high standards of efficiency as a business by the visionary Mahadeo Havaji Bachche and the rest is history.

Not highly educated by manmade standards of college and degrees, these bunch of men have created systems of distribution entirely of their own and a standard of operation and business morals that is outstanding . Six Sigma certification without even application and an oxford case study based on them. Amchi Mumbai Dabbawalas and their organisation is a pride of not only Mumbai but India. 

Anaida the 90s pop star and now celebrity chef has been a Fan of Dabbawalas ever since their "Share my Dabba" initiative over a decade ago. She has been wanting to do something worthy to honour them for years and finally the opportunity arrived. Along with her partners at SodaBottleOpenerWala and  artist Abhijit Kini they have created a comic presenting the Dabbawals as the super heros for all the right reasons that they are. 

Done in Old comic A4 size style, The Story in short starts with a kid coming home and asking his dad for help on a project on super heros wondering whom to choose between spider man and superman and his father suggests why not Mumbai Dabbawalas? The father then proceeds to explain to his son why they are super Heros and the comic ends with the kid taking a selfie with his favourite Dabbawala.  The comic has two versions in Marathi and English. The printing of the first ten thousand copies has been sponsored by Bhoomi world and the entire sale from the comics will go to Dabbawalas as a token of appreciation from all involved. The open files of the same will be gifted to them so they can continue to print this collectable comic in future.  In their Honour we at SBOW also serve our famous Dhansak in a Dabba at our outlets. To us the Mumbai Dabbawalas represent the true spirit of Mumbai at its best.

Mabel and Mad Love

Mabel has today unveiled ‘Mad Love’, the lead single from her hugely anticipated debut album ‘High Expectations’ (which will see a release on August 2nd via Polydor Records). This follows the unstoppable success of recent single ‘Don’t Call Me Up’, which peaked at number 3 in the UK and spent 8 weeks in the top 10 (as well as going top 10 globally on Spotify and landing Mabel her first hit around Europe and the US). Off the back of performances on The Graham Norton Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Mabel has also been confirmed as the UK’s first ever Youtube Artist On The Rise which was just launched at Piccadilly Circus with a preview of ‘Mad Love’. An extensive run of live dates now follows into the end of the year, including Mabel’s UK & European tour with Khalid.

Thrilling, unapologetic and liberated, ‘Mad Love’ is an anthem for women to call the shots and talk about exactly what (and who) they want. Written by Mabel alongside Steve Mac and Kamille – the winning trio behind ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ – ‘Mad Love’ arrives alongside an iconic video directed by Marc Klasfeld, who has previously worked with the likes of Cardi B, Destinys Child, and Jay Z. The video further showcasing this fierce, increasingly-fearless young woman living out all her wildest pop-star-dreams, but in thoroughly modern, warts-and-all style.

It’s this extraordinary journey to where she finds herself now that is encapsulated on Mabel’s debut album, ‘High Expectations’: a record - and a state-of-mind, in many ways - that she has worked towards her whole life (even getting the title tattooed phonetically on her neck when she first thought of it two years ago, knowing firmly that it would never change). Still aged just 23 years old, the twice-Brit-nominated artist has already sold over 3.5 million singles in the UK (three platinum, three gold, and two silver), surpassed 1 billion streams, and sold out the likes of Brixton Academy. Across her formative singles and first long-form project, ‘Ivy To Roses’ (which also went silver), Mabel has written with startling candour on young love, identity, girl power, and mental health - topics which are taken to greater heights on ‘High Expectations’. And on that road to her first record, Mabel’s music has become a soundtrack – for her impassioned young female fanbase, but also for herself – on how to turn those vulnerabilities into your advantages. ‘Talking about it really does give you a kind of confidence,’” Mabel says now, “and that’s new for me. If you’re really going to make a record that talks to people you have to sit and pick at old wounds – put everything under a microscope. I would’ve loved that from my heroes when I was kid. That dream of pop stars having a perfect life has gone for our generation.”

Stripping away music’s artifice while keeping true to its giddiness and excitement is Mabel’s special gift. Out of some troubling times she has fashioned a sensational, fizzing debut record, a blue-chip British album which can sit proudly on a global stage next to The Weeknd, Ariana, Drake and whatever Queens B and R have in mind for their 2019. In mood, if not exactly in sound, it has some of the complete realisation of early TLC or Aaliyah, had they spent their teenage years in Sweden, Malaga, or the backstreets of West London. The calling card of ‘High Expectations’ is the brusque, street charm that hides in plain sight among its hooky gloss, and anchors the album’s core theme of expectations (those as a woman; of love; of others; and ultimately of yourself).  “I want to send a positive message to everyone that’s going to listen to it. I’ve gained so much confidence from writing this album and that’s what I want people to take away.”

Now poised to join the pantheon of international pop greats, her tireless energy, positivity and drive were never going to allow Mabel to settle for anything other than ‘High Expectations’. In 2019 watch Mabelmeet them and keep reaching higher still.

Transcendence 2.0 - A stupendous success

Transcendence 2.0, the annual Music event held recently at St.Andrews Auditorium, this year paid tribute to Legends of Carnatic & Western Jazz, violin maestro T. Chowdiah and jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. The concert featuring the music of the 'Vidwan of the Violin', fusing with the artistry of the 'Maharaja of the Piano', was a stupendous success, as the music took the audience to a Transcendental state. 

The tributes by modern day legends Dr. Mysore Manjunath-Violin and Grammy nominee Louiz Banks-Piano were for their respective idols Mysore T. Chowdiah (1894-1967) a violinist, innovator, teacher, an organizer, a composer and a thespian. He designed the seven-stringed violin and Oscar Peterson (Aug 15, 1925-Dec 23, 2007), winner of 8 Grammy Awards, who is considered one of the greatest jazz pianists ever. In a career lasting more than 60 years, he has played thousands of concerts all over the world and released over 200 recordings. They were accompanied by Vidwan Bangalore Amrit-Khanjira,  Gino Banks-Drums, Gianluca Liberatore-Bass Guitar and Pt. Yogesh Samsi- Tabla,. 

The first segment of the concert began with the lovely tribute by Louiz Banks to Oscar Peterson with some good old instrumental jazz popularised by the late legend. The second segment of the concert began with tribute by Vidwan Shri. Dr. Mysore Manjunathji to T.Chowdiah with the traditional Tyagaraja Kriti ‘Nyanamu Sakaratha’ in Purvikalyani. He then went on to play a RTM in the raga Kafi/Peelo. The improvisation of this RTM was in Natakurunji, Rasikapriya (72 melakartha raga). 

The finale was specially composed by Louiz Banks called ‘Reunion’ loosely based on Raga Chandrakauns. The fiinale also had Gino Banks, Pt. Yogesh Samsi and Vidwan Bangalore Amrit, showing their respective class and talent separately and then creatively sparring with each other. The concert ended with a vote of thanks to all the sponsors without whose support this concert would not have been possible and to the living legends who performed spectacularly on stage.

The Ensemble took the audience through various levels of consciousness culminating into the transcendent state through their music. Pradeep Joseph from Raga to Rock said 'the concert was like sitting at the crossroads, where the Music of Chennai and New Orleans met'.

At last year's concert Carnatic legend G. Harishankar (Khanjira) was honored with a tribute by Vidwan Bangalore Amrit (Khanjira) and Jazz legend Buddy Rich was honored with a tribute, by Ranjit Barot (Drums).

The event was organized by Gigue Entertainment a division of SRH Consilium LLP lead by Rajashekhar Srinivasan and this initiative would not have been possible without the support of Aditya Birla Sunlife Capital Mutual Funds, Indian Oil Corporation & Bombay Dyeing.

Mitti Ke Sitare - India's biggest Music reality show

"Mitti Ke Sitare, India’s first musical reality show for underprivileged kids between 7-15 years, is pleased to announce their top 18 semi-finalists. Shortlisted from 1187 MCGM and slum schools of Mumbai, they will now get an opportunity to introduce themselves at the Grand Finale on 22nd June, 2019. The semi-finalists, specially handpicked after extensive rounds of auditions, are immensely gifted singers in both the spheres of vocal and instrumental music

‘Mitti Ke Sitare’ is a social initiative by renowned social activist and Vice President-Corporate Head with Axis Bank, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis organized by Divyaj Foundation, in association with MPower Foundation, to provide a platform for the hidden talents across indigent areas of Mumbai. To conduct this social welfare project, Divyaj Foundation associated with 1187 MCGM schools to connect, identify and select children from the underprivileged sector - those who are blessed with talent but lack resources to improve themselves.

The Talent Hunt had 3 rounds of auditions, which involved scouting for the best from a massive artistry pool of 1.2 lakh BMC and Slum school children across Mumbai. For Round 1, a total of 6000 students were identified to participate and upload their recorded audios or entries on the servers provided to these respective schools. 527 students out of 6000 participants were selected for the second round.In round two, 54 students were selected by the board of evaluators appointed by Divyaj Foundation. These 54 students selected in round 2 were further evaluated in round 3 and subsequently the finest 18 gems have been selected to perform against each other at the grand finale which will be judged by renowned people from the musical fraternity.

These eighteen students are now undergoing 3 months special musical training and grooming session in Mumbai, under the guidance of professionals – Shankar Mahadevan Academy for vocal training, holistic fitness training by Mickey Mehta, mental health training from Mpower and other trainings to prepare them for the grand finale where they will get a chance to perform on stage with renowned artists of the music industry. The Foundation will be honing, polishing and presenting these 18 contestants to the global audience by providing them a platform to perform and giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis said “These children have the talent, they have the fire in the belly, desire to excel but they lack resources which we will provide them and help them to realize their dreams”.

Delhi Native releases a new track.....

Awaaz - The Hip Hop label of Sony music releases Tera bhai, Slyck TwoshadeZ is one half of the Hinglish duo 2-ShadeZ, who has been making Hip Hop music since 2006. He has also headlined and played in various venues across India, US and Canada. Over the years, he has helped grow the movement in and around Delhi, before moving back to New Jersey in 2017. When asked about the impact of the Hip Hop movement in India, Slyck went on to say, “Desi Hip Hop is now bigger than ever and will keep exploding! I am supremely excited to see more rappers with Indian ancestry come out and tell their stories, rural as well as urban.
He further added, “With talents all over India getting the recognition they truly deserve, ‘Asli Hip-Hop’ is not confined to the Gullies.’In a recent interview on San Fransisco’s Bolly Radio, Raafat ‘DjayRaf’ Ullah, Creative Director at Desi Hip Hop Inc, mentioned, Slyck has played an integral part in the growth of the Hip Hop movement in Delhi and in India. He might be a veteran in the game, but he’s only just getting started!”

The Dharavi Dream Project explores new avenues

With a successful run of  #AfterSchoolofHipHop for 4 consecutive years and having some of the most established names from the fraternity visit the school like Mr. A.R Rahman, Gulzar Saab, Anil Kapoor, Sukhwinder Singh and many more, The Dharavi Dream Project, has taken a step further by introducing yet another core element of Hiphip- DJ’ng at the school and opening more avenues for the talent in the hip-Hop community. The Dharavi Dream Project, a collaboration of Universal Music India and Qyuki Digital Media Pvt Ltd, brings DJ Spin Doctor as mentor for DJ’ing at the #AfterSchoolofHipHop.

DJ Spin Doctor and DeeJay OM managed the first class curated by DJ Shawn and Bhupen. The class had 50 students from the locality who actively participated and showcased their talent. It was interesting to see an amalgamation of talent and expertise at one place. The highlight of the evening was the presence of the renowned DJ Shilpi Sharma who provided valuable information to the students.

The Dharavi Dream Project started #AfterSchoolOfHipHop to encourage and sustain an environment, which gives the under resourced hiphop talent a chance to be educated and enhance skills. The project targets under-resourced areas around the country to help talented individuals acquire skills in Hip-Hop. The Dharavi #AfterSchoolOfHipHop is the only school across Southeast Asia to focus on cultural aspects of the area.

Speaking on the first class, DJ Spin Doctor said, “Our parents don’t have that much money to spend for something like DJ’ing, It took me a lot courage to leave my medical career behind for this art form. Hustle is part of our lifestyle and here we are giving the knowledge for free to these kids with big dreams in their eyes.”

 Samir Bangara, MD & Founder, Qyuki Digital shared
Thrilled to introduce 5th dimension to our #AfterschoolofHiphop in the form of DJ’ng as a core element of Hiphop which dates back to the origin of Hip-Hop and the legacy it has built in the ecosystem. This element will further enhance and add value to our amazing talent and give them more avenues to express themselves.

Devraj Sanyal, MD & CEO,India & South Asia, Universal Music
Group  said "The ability to create beats & mix different kinds of sounds to come up with a fresh sound to the TDDP creative vision is a definite step in the right direction. The sounds will change, the vibe will get better and the quality of hip hop will immensely improve as a result of this. I’m thrilled about this new development & hope it takes our kids & their music to the next level. "

Dolly Rateshwar, Co-Founder, TheDharaviDreamProject speaks:
"The feeling of incompleteness was finally over when Deepak oneof the evangelist of our initiative in the US donated DJ’ng equipments to the school. DJ’ng being a core element of Hiphop will see future DJ’s from our school playing very soon at different gigs and grooving everyone around in the community. This definitely serves the purpose of empowering under-resourced talent and helping them to follow their passion."


'No.6 Collaborations Project' out now

Ed Sheeran releases his highly-anticipated collaboration LP, ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’! Home to an all-star cast of Ed’s favourite artists, the 15-track album features a staggering 22 collaborators including Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Khalid, Eminem, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Stormzy and many more - a testament to his undeniable talent and boundless skill as a writer, musician and, of course, collaborator.

Prior to its release, Ed released five tracks from the LP: ‘I Don’t Care’ with Justin Bieber [this year’s longest-running No.1 in the UK after spending eight weeks at the top of the charts]; ‘Cross Me’ feat. Chance The Rapper; ‘Beautiful People’ feat. Khalid; ‘BLOW’ with Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars; and ‘Best Part of Me’ feat. YEBBA.

Ed Sheeran, who was awarded an MBE for his services to music and charity at the end of 2017 and crowned IFPI’s best-selling recording artist in the same year, is the proud recipient of 4 x Grammys, 4 x Ivor Novello’s, 6 x BRIT Awards (including two consecutive wins for ‘Global Success’ in 2018 and 2019), 7 x Billboard Awards and more.

‘No.6 Collaborations Project’ Tracklisting:

Beautiful People feat. Khalid
South of the Border feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B
Cross Me feat. Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock
Take Me Back to London feat. Stormzy
Best Part of Me feat. YEBBA
I Don’t Care with Justin Bieber
Antisocial with Travis Scott
Remember the Name feat. Eminem & 50 Cent
Feels feat. Young Thug & J Hus
Put It All on Me feat. Ella Mai
Nothing on You feat. Paulo Londra & Dave
I Don’t Want Your Money feat. H.E.R
1000 Nights feat. Meek Mill & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
Way to Break My Heart feat. Skrillex
Blow with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars

Suicide is not a solution...

Anubandham Productions based in Delhi are celebrating the first anniversary of their debut single, 'Khamoshi', which portrayed the sensitivity of mental health & depression.This project is an attempt to deliver a positive message that Suicide is not a solution to overcome depression. It’s a song for every common person who sees depression as just another state of mind. After carrying out a social media survey of audience base 40,000+ and discussing with a lot of people who successfully overcame depression, who tried killing themselves, we tried our best depicting what a depressed person goes through in a single day which might be just another day for us.It's our tiny gesture, dedicated to all those people who are suffering from depression and letting them know that suicide is never a way out, and a message to everyone else who consider depression as just sadness, that DEPRESSION IS REAL.The original song was released on 20th July'18.

Badshah makes the world go 'Paagal'

Badshah finally released his much awaited pop single “Paagal”. Composed and written by him, Paagal is an all-out rhythmic-reggaetón-pop banger with a video that is definitely heading to be the Dance Anthem of 2019. Directed by the globally acclaimed and man behind one of the biggest music videos of 2019, Miami Based Marlon Pena, the video has been shot across various iconic locations in LA skyline including the iconic LA river where the likes of Grease, Dark Knight Rises , Fast and Furious have been shot. The video also stars Rose Romero , Playboy 2019 muse who is raising temperatures with her debut on an Indian Music Video after having starred alongside global legends Daddy Yankee and J Balvin.

Says Badshah,  “I have taken a brave and a very exciting leap with Paagal, that comes from my heart with the intent of pushing language barriers for the Indian Music scene. I can only imagine people from  across the globe dance to this international tune with an Indian twist”

Adds on Shridhar Subramaniam, President India & Middle East, “ Badshah is the reigning king of pop. This hooky ear worm is accompanied by an equally colourful video directed by the brilliant Marlon Pena and featuring some of the biggest global dance crews. With Pagal, Badshah is laying the foundation for becoming an International star”

The track is Badshah’s ode to the girl he has his eyes on, where he calls her crazy gorgeous! The Music video has been Directed by the fire brand team of Puerto Rican Director MarlonPena, the man behind the latest critically acclaimed 1 Billion views Super Hit Con Calma vision and choreographer Greg Chapkis, one of the fastest growing names in the dance community globally, who has put together a stellar ensemble of some of the best dancers in LA for the Paagal Video.

The link for the music video-

Awaaz releases Sun J's new single

Sony Music’s hip-hop-focused imprint, Awaaz, is committed to grow hip-hop in India through an interesting mix of fresh sounds and artists. After the much talked Bhanga Bangla release ‘Borof’, Awaaz released RAW by Sun J, the leader and front man of the hip-hop collective Khatarnaak. Rapidly emerging as one of the most exciting talents in the South Asian hip-hop community, this New Delhi native has a distinct flow and tone that stands out for his listeners. Born to a family with roots dug deep in his hometown of Delhi, Sun J's music provides us with a unique narrative about life in the capital of India.

“Raw” as the title suggests is about the raw talents possessed by the artist & his team. In the music video, numerous Bboys & Bgirls are featured alongside Sun J who keeps it raw and real throughout the piece. The production team of Noran & Vedang worked together and took inspiration from classic Hip Hop hits of the past to produce this record. The use of “desi” samples mixed in with a catchy beat, and unforgettable flow by Sun J, makes this track as raw as it can get. When asked about the single, Sun J quoted a part of the song saying, “My work is for the people, I love my art and Hip Hop is my drug.”

Adds on Arjun Sankalia, Label Head- Awaaz, “ Sun J has a massive following within the hip-hop community and is gaining fans day by day. We’ll be working with him & the Khatarnak Crew closely  and are excited to have them on our roster”

The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective is ushering in the rebirth of hip-hop in India. The New Delhi based group is one of the first to holistically represent all 5 elements of Hip-Hop, founded by Sun J. 

 The link for the song is

5th Best Company to Work for...

Radio City, a part of Music Broadcast Ltd, ranked 5th amongst 100 best companies in ‘India’s Best Companies to Work For 2019’, a study by the Great Place to Work® Institute and The Economic Times  that recognizes most prestigious and credible employer brands in the country. Every year, more than 10,000 organisations from over 58 countries partner with Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. Music Broadcast Ltd. is recognized among India’s Best Workplaces in Media and Entertainment industry 2019 and among India’s Best Workplace in Career Management 2019 where more than 900 organizations participated in the Great Place to Work® survey this year making it the largest study in the space of Workplace Recognition.

Radio City has earned this recognition for creating a Great Place to Work environment FOR ALL employees and for outshining on the 5 dimensions of building an organization that fosters High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM - Fairness, Credibility, Respect, Pride and Camaraderie. Along with being among the best in the country, Radio City was also ranked 6th among 25 Best Large Workplaces in Asia 2019 (501+ Employees).

Commenting on Radio City’s recognition among India’s Best Workplaces, Mr. Ashit Kukian, CEO, Radio City said "Radio City focuses on hiring the right talent and nurturing them by encouraging them to be innovative. We value employees for their contribution to the organisational goals and believe that an enriched employee experience builds a positive attitude towards the organization. The average tenure of an employee at Radio City is over 5 years which establishes the fact that employee loyalty is one of our biggest virtues. We believe in a people-first approach as people are the key assets in making any organization a great place to work."

Speaking on how assessment has been helpful for Radio City, Ms. Sagorika Kantharia, HR Head of Jagran Group, said, “Our dynamic culture and core value system are one of the key factors that help our employees succeed, innovate and become leaders in their own capacity. Being associated with Great Place to Work® for over 8 years has proven extremely valuable to the organisation and has enabled us to build work culture that fosters innovation, learning, respect and camaraderie. Being awarded among the Best Places to Work for the 7th time in a row and being felicitated with the current rank of No.5 has made Radio City a definite destination for talented media professionals. The consistency is also indicative that our organisation is committed towards creating the best workplace culture for our employees. The association with Great Place to Work® has been going strong since 2010 and we are certainly happy to see ourselves climb up the ladder of success year on year.”

Radio City has always adhered to an employee inclusive culture and believes in harbouring a transparent work environment. Radio City’s values guide the brand to ensure a culture of transparency, fairness and strong people connect. Employee engagement initiatives like Cheers to Peers, Star of the month, City ka Sitaara, CEO Award, Townhall, Live Chat with CEO, HR Buddy, Intranet Helpdesk, Mr. Fixit, RC Vibe, and many more are held regularly for nurturing a recognition-rich culture with people at core of the organization’s foundation. The consistent ranking is a testimony to the efforts in making Radio City a great workplace.


RED FM's initiative to promote Independent Music

93.5 RED FM, one of the largest and most awarded private radio networks,launched ‘RED Indies’ to promote Independent Artists and grow independent music scene in India. ay, RED Indies will serve as a platform to engage and bring out the independent music talent in the country. As part of the launch, RED FM unveiled the logo of RED Indies in presence of multiple independent artists. Over the years, Indie music has gained significant popularity in India with new talent emerging from all corners. With RED FM present in 69 cities, it sees potential of discovering new talent, supporting them and gives them an established language agnostic platform that will help bring out their music in front of the audience it deserves.

Commenting on the launch, Nisha Narayanan, COO & Director, RED FM and Magic FM, said, “In the era of evolving music, independent artists are changing the scenarios by bringing out the versatility. They create music that is powerful, unique and reaches an equally diverse audience. However, there are many talented artist who miss out on showcasing their potential for different reasons. Recognizing this gap, RED FM has launched ‘RED Indies’ to give opportunities and platforms to these artists to showcase their talent and get the audience they deserve. We are confident that this will provide a fillip to many upcoming artists who are just waiting to be discovered. RED Indies has planned a number of initiatives togrow this tribe of independent artists, the details of which will be announced in due course.”

Over the last decade, the rise of digital media has empowered independent artists from regional states across India to showcase their talent and reach out to a wider set of audiences. With Independent regional music being the next big thing, RED Indies will play an important part to bring out the hidden talent in India. Independent labels provide variety and repertoire to the music industry. As a mass medium, radio can be an enabling platform to showcase the talent by promoting them on the medium.

Photo L-R- Prakriti Kakar, Arjun Kanungo, RJ Malliska, Darshan Raval & Sukriti Kakar

David Gilmour's Ovation Guitars Help Break Auction Record

The record breaking sale of more than one hundred and twenty instruments belonging to Pink Floyd star David Gilmour, sold recently for twenty one million dollars at auction and included six legendary Ovation guitars. Beating Eric Clapton’s record musical instrument sale, the funds raised have been donated by Gilmour to Client Earth because as the British musician said ‘the current climate emergency is the greatest challenge that humanity will ever face’.

Gilmour’s acoustic-electric Custom Legend, 1619-4 manufactured by Ovation in 1976 sold for almost $400,000. The guitar features a pearl inlay Ovation logo at the headstock and its original hardshell case stenciled ‘Pink Floyd / London’. This lot also included copies of the guitars original shipment and sales invoices dated 15th and 22nd October 1976, original promotion leaflet for the Ovation Custom Legend, original registration warranty card and a color snapshot of David Gilmour playing the guitar in 2001.

A second acoustic-electric Custom Legend, 1619-4 with the Ovation logo inlaid at the headstock went for $150,000. It came with original hardcase labeled ‘Ovation 6ST Acoustic #077453 1619-4 175 and Serial No. DG1097’. The artist’s acoustic-eclectic nylon string Classic, 1613-4 with its original hardcase labeled ‘Ovation 1613-4 Nylon #068180’ was auctioned for $118,750 and Gilmour’s acoustic-eclectic 12-string Pacemaker, 1615-4 with hardcase labeled ‘Ovation 12 String1615-4 ’75 #061224 and Serial No. DG1095’ sold for $93,750. All three were accompanied by the original owner’s manual and a copy of the original sales invoice dated 9th September 1976.

Two solid body electric Preachers, a 1283-5 and a 1285-5, accompanied by labelled, original hardshell cases, letters, copies of shipment documents and sales invoices and original sales promotional leaflets sold for $56,250 and $43,750 respectively.

David Gilmour said ‘These guitars have been very good to me and many of them have gifted me pieces of music over the years. They have paid for themselves many times over, but it's now time that they moved on.’

When Pink Floyd were at the height of their popularity in the nineteen seventies, David Gilmour used his hi-strung acoustic guitars to write and record Comfortably Numb. He played them on his eponymous debut solo album and to record the arpeggios in Hey You because it ‘would be impossible to do on a normal guitar.’ Despite attempting hi-strung tuning on other guitars, Gilmour maintained it only really worked on an Ovation.

Sony Music India & Desi Hip Hop Inc enter into a strategic partnership

Global music giant, Sony Music, today announced an exclusive strategic partnership with Desi Hip Hop Inc, the No. 1 platform empowering South Asian hip hop culture globally. Through this partnership, Sony Music and Desi Hip Hop will work together to discover, develop and market Indian and diasporic hip-hop talent from around the world. Sony Music have been front runners in this fast growing genre and with a heightened consumer interest, the label is committed to giving south Asian artists a global voice cutting through geographies and languages.

Raafat Ullah, Creative Director, says “We’ve been building this platform for over a decade to nurture and showcase South Asian Hip Hop talent and promote unity amongst our people around the world. We believed in the global impact of South Asian Hip Hop since day one.” Hardik Dave, CEO of Desi Hip Hop Inc, adds, “It’s rewarding to see this movement grow and  make the impact that we’ve always envisioned; and as  Desi Hip Hop turns the corner from a culture to a category, we are excited to be working alongside a partner like Sony Music India who believes in this vision.” 

Adds on Arjun Sankalia, Head International Repertoire & Special Projects, “Hip-hop has always been close to our hearts- more so since we began working the genre in 2015 with ‘Mere Gully Mein’.  We’re 100% committed to hip hop and are glad to have found a like-minded partner in DHH who have been flying the flag for south Asian hip hop for over a decade. ”

The first release via this association is the striking, “Borof” by LA hiphop crew Bhanga Bangla.  

Desi Hip Hop Inc is a company founded in 2011 by Silicon Valley tech executive Hardik Dave and headquartered in California.  Growing up in the 80’s and heavily influenced by the Hip Hop culture, he has first-hand accounts of the power of street knowledge and strives to empower over 500M South Asian youth through the culture of Hip Hop. DHH is a premium lifestyle brand & multi-platform digital media company, curating, creating and connecting a new generation of South Asians globally through artist management, record label operations, live events & technology.

VYRL Cover Star ends on a high octane.

VYRL Originals recent release “SAJNA VE” having crossed over 10 million views in just a week, had the youth crooning to its tunes. As an extension to the ‘SAJNA VE’ Campaign, VYRL Originals associated with to launch VYRL Cover Star, an extensive marketing initiative which gave music enthusiasts an opportunity to perform LIVE in front of Sajna Ve’s celebrated artist Lisa Mishra and Vishal Mishra.

The contest became an instant hit with over 500 entries across the nation. The talented top 5 finalists were handpicked by Vishal Mishra and Lisa Mishra and were flown down from their respective cities to perform LIVE in front of them. The finalists performed two of their favorite VYRL tracks that was Live streamed on VYRL Originals and Gaana’s social media handles.

Vinit Thakkar, Senior Vice President India and South Asia, Universal Music Group along with Prashan Agarwal, CEO of Gaana co-judged the final showcase with Vishal and Lisa. Top 5 finalists namely - Aishwarya Kamath, Vedant Pundir, Tenzin Wangmo, Shweta Srivastava, Gucci Singh and Jasraj Singh wowed the audience with impeccable renditions of the songs. The night ended on a high note with Lisa and Vishal’s mesmerising performance. Shweta Srivastava stood out amongst all the participants to become the winner of the 1st ever VYRL Cover Star.

Speaking about the initiative, Vinit Thakkar Senior Vice President, Universal Music Group India & South Asia shares “VYRL Cover Star gave an opportunity to the fans to get closer to the artists and their mentors. We are glad about the response we have received on this initiative. It was amazing seeing the participants perform on VYRL Originals songs, each one being unique in its own way. And it was a privilege to associate with Gaana on this initiative. With the response of the VYRL Cover Star campaign, we are sure that we have immense talent in the country and on the right path to bring out the best. VYLR Originals as a platform gives an opportunity to such talent”

Commenting on the association with VYRL, Prashan Agarwal, CEO Gaana shares “We are excited to be partners with VYRL Originals for #VYRLCoverStar. At Gaana, we have been finding newer ways to encourage the potent of Indie music scene. Our #VYRLCoverStar campaign has received over 450 promising entries from across the country and I truly believe our winner holds the promise to be among the next big music sensations out of India.”

Sharing his excitement, Vishal Mishra says “I had a great time being a part of the VRYL Cover Star contest and as a creator it’s so overwhelming and humbling that so many people do their own renditions of my own song. It like I smell it differently every time somebody new performs. As a whole it has been a great experience working with the VYRL team, I think it’s the most amazing and vision full team I have worked with and I have had a great time. And to all the participants of VYRL Cover Star I wish them a lot of luck and love and to the winner I shall see you in the studio soon. And Can’t wait to repeat the magic again with VYRL Originals ”

Sharing her excitement, Lisa Mishra says “I’m so thankful to everyone who participated in this competition. We had nearly 500 entries and of course I was so excited to finally meet our Top 5. Every single person today gave their best, sounded amazing and all of them sounded very different and fresh. I think all the artists were very young and with voices that I have never heard before. I’m so glad to see Shweta win because she has an incredible voice and I’m excited to see her future work because I’m sure she is going to go very far”.

Meet the Yellow Dairies

The Yellow Diary is a five-member, music collective with a sound that can be best defined as alternative rock! The all-boy band's members hail from varied backgrounds, but have one thing in common; their passion for music. With a blend of electronic music and rock, they are touted to be a compositional powerhouse, widely appreciated by biggies like Vishal Dadlani, Papon, Warren Mendonsa, Ranjit Barot, and Raghu Dixit. We asked a few q's on the onset to their show for Ibis Music.

Why the name “The Yellow Diary”?
The colour yellow signifies a wide range of emotions. On one hand it represents sunshine, brightness
and positivity, but it also represents physical illness, jealousy and so on. Similarly, our music has
several undertones like the colour yellow. The music also represents our personal thoughts and
opinions, much like the pages of a diary. Hence, the name The Yellow Diary.

Take us through the journey of ‘The Yellow Diary’ since its inception. 
Rajan and Himonshu met first and started working on the song Marz; Rajan is an ex-navy cadet and
Himonshu was freelancing as a music producer. We called Vaibhav to play guitars, who at that time
was an IT consultant. There was an immediate connection between everyone. We then decided to
release the song independently. We were overwhelmed with the amazing response from our
listeners and industry veterans like Raghu Dixit, Vishal Dadlani, Ranjit Barot, Papon and many more.
We then decided to take things live which is when Stuart and Sahil came on board. Stuart and Sahil
were indie musicians at that time playing together with each other in a band. Ever since, we have notlooked back and became a family who constantly make music with each other.

How do you describe your music? What makes you stand out in the indie scene?
The best way to summarise our music is Poetry with Rock. As for what has worked for us, you
never truly know what people are going to connect with in a song. Fortunately for us, people seem
to relate to our music and enjoy it and that has shown itself in the way our music is being consumed.
Also, a big shoutout to Sony Music for helping our music reach larger audiences.

What do you think of the live music scenario in India?
The scenario is constantly evolving. It is an amazing time to be a live musician! We have more
avenues than ever to promote our live shows and people are always looking to go for a live gig and
have a good time. It will always keep on evolving, but it will never die out. There is just something
magical about it.

Who are you guys tuned into these days? Indian indie artistes you like...?
There is such amazing talent out there! It feels great to be a part of such an awesome fraternity of
artists. Raghu Dixit, Avial, The Local Train, Parvaaz, Prateek Kuhaad, Divine, Naezy, Parekh and Singh
have set a very high bar for the indie scene!

What are you currently working on?
There is a lot brewing as we speak. We are working on a lot of new content, spending a lot of time in
the studio and writing a lot more songs. We cannot reveal much now. But our listeners can follow us
on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest scoop on what we are upto!

18th edition of 'Khazana - A Festival of Ghazals' to be streamed live

Hungama, India’s leading digital entertainment company, today announced the live streaming of the country’s biggest ghazal concert, ‘Khazana – A Festival of Ghazals’ on 26th and 27th July 2019. Leveraging its global reach, Hungama will present the magic of ghazals to a wider audience and offer them a chance to be a part of the concert irrespective of their location. Users worldwide can tune in to Hungama Music, Hungama Play and the platforms’ respective Facebook pages to stream the show live. Additionally, Hungama will provide catch-up content from Khazana, post the show, on Tata Sky Music, Tata Sky Music+ – Mehfil channel, Airtel DTH iMusicspace – Nazrana channel, Hungama Play, Mi TV and Mi Music.

Talking about the continued association with Khazana, Neeraj Roy, Founder and CEO, Hungama Digital Media said, “Ghazals are one of the most inspiring forms of art and we are elated to have been Khazana’s partners. Our association with Khazana allows us to leverage technology to take this exquisite craft to a global audience. We are thrilled to offer audiences worldwide a chance to watch ghazal legends live on our platforms. Additionally, we also feel honored to support the two charities.”

In addition to performances from Ghazal maestros like Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, Rekha Bhardwaj, Sudeep Banerjee etc., winners of the second edition of Khazana Artist Aloud Talent Hunt – a unique contest organized to find the most talented ghazal singers in India, will also perform at the concert. The contest was hosted digitally on Hungama Artist Aloud, Hungama’s platform for supporting and promoting independent talent, and received participation from 75 cities across India.

Khazana – A Festival of Ghazals was founded by legendary ghazal singer and President, Parents Association Thalassemic Unit Trust, Pankaj Udhas and Mr. Y.K. Sapru, Chairman & CEO, Founder Director, Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) with the support of ghazal maestros Talat Aziz and Anup Jalota. Currently in its 18th year, Khazana has excelled in presenting a melodic mix of exquisite poetry and soulful compositions rendered by both, new and established ghazal singers of the country in an ambience that transports ghazal lovers to a land of pure bliss. All proceeds from the festival go to the Parents Association Thalassemic Unit Trust (PATUT) and Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA).

A Journey with Percussion

“I lose myself in rhythm and the beats. Eyes closed, I let myself be pulled under by the music when I play.” says Rimpy Nagpal, a middle-aged business man,working towards changing his profession since the past three years. Rimpy realized managing his family business was not something he wanted to do for the rest of  his  life.Thus,began his journey of mastering the art of percussion playing.

Since he was a child, Rimpy always felt a special connection with percussion instruments. Music was
constantly around him. His school was big on music and so was his family, as was his place of
worship. At the age of 12, he signed up for Tabla lessons at the Gurudwara. In less than a year’s
time, he was participating and winning prizes at music competitions in school. After bagging the first
prize consecutively for three years, he knew what he wanted to become in the future – a 

Sadly, things did not go as planned as he was asked to join the family business to support the family.
And so, he locked his dream in corner of his heart, knowing that he would come back to it someday.
Till then, Gurudwaras and friend groups would have to be the places he could openly play at.
“My first instrument was a djembe I bought in Goa on a whim”, said Rimpy. After a night of music at
the beach with his cousins, he knew now was the time to pursue his dream. All he needed was a
push. Little did he know, the push was right around the corner.

It was a Saturday night at the club that he saw a percussionist playing alongside a Disc Jockey for the
first time. “I still remember that night. I was utterly shocked at how well the percussion went with
dance music. I’d never have thought the two could be combined to create magic”, said Rimpy.
Immediately, he contacted his brother Aman Nagpal, who is a popular DJ in the industry for
guidance. Post which, at 40, Rimpy enrolled himself into percussion classes. Just like that, a
weekend routine was formed – go to see a percussionist playing live, come back home and practice
through the night. The djembe brought with it new friendships, new opportunities and a new instrument – the

Two years of practice and some noise complaints from the neighbours, the time finally came to
perform in front of an audience. He landed a gig at a club in Thane called Dancing Bottles. The
excitement was high but so was the tension.
“During the first few minutes, one could see how nervous I was. I hadn’t smiled since we’d started
the set up. Once I got my cue to start, I took a deep breath, dropped all my anxious thoughts and
just played”, said Rimpy with a smile on his face re-living the moment. To his surprise, every table
was dancing in the club. The night had been a success.

Post this, Rimpy became an unstoppable force. Within the next year, he expanded his skill-set and
his instruments collection the Afro-Cuban bongos. There was a six-month gap between his first gig and the next one. In this duration, Rimpy dedicatedall his free time to music. He practiced various patterns on various genres of music. His classes doubled and so did his drive to achieve his goals. Patience was present when it came to waiting for the next gig but it vanished when it came to learning more. He wanted to learn more and he wanted
to learn it now. Which is precisely why the Cuban drums Timbales  were purchased.

A single text message marked the end of the waiting period. It said – True Tramm Trunk, Worli –Saturday 9 p.m.
That Saturday and the one after that, Rimpy’s beats lured everyone onto the dance floor. Rimpy
said, “This gig went smoother than my first one. I felt more comfortable and it showed through my
playing.” The music pumped the room, the energy was sky high and along with the slight buzz from all the alcohol consumed, the diners were off their chairs even before their food had arrived. One too many pictures and compliments later, Rimpy knew he was entering the final leg of this journey. Now was the time to take it a notch higher – to a drum set.

To this, Rimpy has added jam blocks. Jam blocks are modern, hard plastic version of the wood blocks.
(A wood block is a small slit drum made out of a single piece of wood.) The jam block is preferred than wood block because of its sturdiness and durability. Striking a jam block with a drum stick will produce a reliable medium-pitched sound that is rich and cutting tone. Months and months of running to and fro between duty and hobby was by no means easy.

During this time, it was tempting to just give up and take a break but there was only one thing that kept him
from stopping – support from people around him. Not only were his kids and wife standing by his side, his extended family and friends also regularly supplied a good dose of motivation. Even strangers at clubs offered their support. They would recognize him from the nights he performed and would stop by to chat and drop compliments. All of this together brings us to the present day?,? the Dhol?.? The instruments he knows how to play may seem like many but the field of percussion is vast. With so much to learn and much more to explore, stopping now seems stupid to him. “My goal is to be able to perform multiple instruments in one gig, I want to give as much variety as possible within one night of music. The day I pull this off without any mistakes is the day I’ll know I’ve made it”, he added. And so his journey goes on and it doesn’t seem like it is going to halt any time soon.

-Jessica Nagpal

Guitar Gear Gyan

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Sahil Jagtiani has launched a YouTube series (on his channel SSJ Productions), made for music enthusiasts and upcoming guitar  players, to help develop their passion by strengthening the foundations of their understanding and appreciation of the instrument. Sahil is doing this by posting reviews of a wide range of guitars, simple tips on maintaining & optimizing their guitar-related gear, as well as guitar modification projects, jam sessions & exclusive interviews. “There are so many guitar lessons accessible online, however, there is precious little online content on gauging guitar quality, especially from the perspective of the Indian market, which is being flooded with cheap low-quality Chinese guitar products. If guitarists don’t enjoy the instruments they have bought, there is less likelihood of them nurturing their hobby into a passion, or even of them continuing to play,” says Sahil.
Through his videos, Sahil explores the finer details of the guitar’s craftsmanship in order for
viewers to understand the kind of effort that has gone into making the instrument. “My goal is to get viewers to appreciate the value of production. So many Indian music companies that make instruments have shut down because of the inflow of cheap, low-quality instruments. Also, at the moment, there is more International material in the marketplace. I am hoping that the show helps offer upcoming Indian manufacturers a platform to showcase the quality of their work.”

So far, Sahil has released 7 episodes & 3 Tech Tip videos in the series, including a review of Ehsan Noorani’s Signature Squier Stratocaster, a list of the best acoustic guitars in India under Rs.10,000, the SL Drive pedal demo & a comparison of the semi-acoustic guitars Kepma G1E & Taylor 314ce in collaboration with guitarist Shantanu Chakravorty. The series has so far had over 50,000 views and received several encouraging comments. “There will be a quarterly geargiveaway, starting at the end of June, which includes guitars, pedals, pickups, and other guitar related equipment. In the future we hope to conduct competitions to showcase upcoming talent, interview senior guitarists and host a FAQ show.”.

Aksh Baghla,the You Tube sensations latest video

Aksh Baghla, one of India’s largest Music Centric content creators has tied up with Lauv(Ari Staprans Leff)to shoot a cover of his song, I like Me Better which has received has been widely appreciated across the world. This video will be shot prior to Lauv taking the stage for his concert which happened in Mumbai recently. Aksh, popular for his international and bollywood mashup series, posted one such video where he perfoms “I’m so tired x lamberghini”. Lauv discovered Aksh through this video which he praised and he also extended his support by commenting on it. Aksh is the face behind the hugely popular video, “1 Guy 30 Voices” which made him an overnight sensation across the globe. Aksh is also the talent behind the “Singing 20 Songs over a Single Beat” which again went viral across social media. As of today, Aksh’s YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers with a total viewership of over 68 million views spread across his videos on his channel.

Check out the video on Youtube:

Sony Corporation to form Sony Music Group.

Effective August 1, Sony Corporation is bringing together its recorded music and music publishing businesses outside of Japan to form Sony Music Group.That’s according to a memo sent out by Sony Corporation President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida to colleagues.  As part of the restructure, Sony Music Entertainment CEO Rob Stringer (pictured) is going to run Sony Music Group as well as Sony Music Entertainment.

Jon Platt, the recently appointed Chairman and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, will report to Stringer, and “will retain the authority and responsibility he currently has with respect to the operation of the music publishing business”. Sony Music Entertainment Japan will remain a separate entity, reporting to Yoshida.

“I would like for the new Sony Music Group and SMEJ to continue and further strengthen their collaboration in the spirit of One Sony,” writes Yoshida in the memo. This move brings the company in line with the other majors, Universal Music Group, which is headed up by Chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge and Warner Music Group, with its CEO Steve Cooper. “The purpose of this new Group is to further strengthen and solidify Sony’s position as a leader in the music industry and create new value for the company,” adds Yoshida in the memo.

“This unification will help us foster a higher level of collaboration between our recorded music and music publishing businesses, while respecting and maintaining the independence and unique culture of each organization.”

Sony Corp bought a 60% stake in EMI Music Publishing for $2.3bn in May last year and later snapped up the remaining 10% stake from the Jackson Estate. Yoshida writes that “Sony has become an even stronger music company” as a result of the EMI acquisition.

-courtesy MBW

The Arabic version of 'Busy Busy' released

After the stupendous success of the Hindi track ‘Busy Busy’ by Neha Pandey,
announces the launch of Mashgool, the Arabic version of ‘Busy Busy’.Speaking about Mashgool, Rajitta Hemwani - Senior VP Creative Content & New Business, 9X Media said, “Music as we know has no boundaries and good music can be created in any language.

After the success of ‘Busy Busy’ we planned to launch the song in other languages. We are sure that
‘Mashgool’ on will also resonate with music lovers. Mashgool is the Arabic version of Neha Pandey’s track Busy Busy, which has garnered over 29 million views on digital platforms. Mashgool is composed by Gourov Roshin and the lyrics for the song are written by Maha Altayer. The dance video is produced by Elvis Garagic and directed by Jac Mulder.

Commenting on the launch of Mashgool, singer Neha Pandey said, “Good music has no language and
Mashgool my latest offering will just prove that. After the exhilarating feedback I received for my
track Busy Busy I hope that the fans will appreciate this effort and show Mashgool the same love and
admiration as they have shown to Busy Busy.”

Catch the song live on



Best Jazz Venue in India

Those of you who have been around from the 1960's through the 1990's will remember the vibrant live music scene in almost every starred hotel in India. Those were the days when you walked into a nightclub like 'Rendezvous' at The Taj Mahal hotel and 'Supper Club' at the Oberoi Sheraton in Mumbai to see curtains going up on a band that was the prime focus of these outlets. Every seat in these restaurants allowed an unobstructed view of the band that performed every night on resident contracts. Today all this has disappeared thanks to some ridiculously high entertainment taxes on live music. Today, non off these hotels have complete bands playing save for a few that feature small duos or solo singers. The Lodhi in New Delhi, recently listed among the world's best hotels, decided to step in and rewind to the good old days. They got Goa's premier jazz quartet 'Jazz Junction' to move to Delhi on a resident contract and the decision has paid off in terms of footfalls generated by the band. Jazz Junction featuring singer Daniella Rodrigues, pianist Tony Dias,
bassist Colin D'Cruz and drummer Angelo Colasco began playing at The Lodhi in June 2018. Four months into the contract the band generated a sizeable following, with quite a few high profile guests choosing to celebrate their special occasion at the Elan bar where the band performs. Against all odds the rewind option proved to be a huge success and hopefully other properties around the country takes the cue to trigger a whole new revival  of live music.